"What the fuck's wrong with you?"
— Swift, after Mason talks to his hallucination of Reznov, which Swift does not know about.

Swift was one of the non-playable characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops.[1] He was part of the Studies and Observation Group. Swift appeared in the mission "Victor Charlie" where he progressed through the Viet Cong tunnel network with Mason. Swift was killed soon after he and Mason entered the tunnels when a Viet Cong ambushed him from around a corner and stabbed him.



* Swift carries a machete on his back like Roebuck from Call of Duty: World at War, and overall resembles the Lightweight perk character model.

* Swift uses the same character model as some randomly named SOG members, but wields an AK-47 instead of a Commando.

* If the player tries to sprint at Swift before he dies, he says "Back the fuck up", done to prevent the player from getting past Swift and saving him.

* On the Wii version, however, the player can easily get past Swift. They will see that the Vietcong is not standing there. However, he has spawned, as the player can see his hand sticking out of the cave wall. When the trigger is activated, the Vietcong will dash through the cave wall and stab Swift.

* Swift seems to spawn right after the player passes the last hut right before the rat tunnel on "Victor Charlie".

* In "Revelations", in the flashback with Swift, he will say, "What's wrong with you?" instead of his original line. However, the subtitles will state the original line.



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