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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

"An autonomous cyber attack that disables enemy HUD, radar, and reticles."
— In-game description.

The System Hack is a Scorestreak that appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.



The scorestreak disables the enemies' HUD and aiming reticules for a short time. It costs 600 points to obtain. It disables the HUD and making players unable to call in any scorestreaks. There will be a 'rebooting HUD' meter charging up at the bottom of the screen. Upon full charge, the device will no longer have effect. It is similar to the EMP and Ground Jammer.

The System Hack has many useful modules that can be equipped to make the hack more lethal. The System Hack by default will also remove the reticule on electronic sights. With modules, the System Hack can potentially disable equipment (Exo Launchers), scorestreaks (it also kills all Scorestreaks currently in use), and can disable the Exosuit.

The System Hack has been modified after the Havoc Update to not display a large skull on the screen when the player respawns or when it's activated.

Due to how important the Exo Suit is, a Disable EXO Suit System Hack can prove extremely deadly to players, restricting many of their movements and enabling fall damage. Combining the Disable EXO Suit module with the Disable Equipment and Disable Streaks modules can be very effective and makes it act a lot like the EMP from past games. System Hack does not last a very long time, so the Extended Time module (which can be equipped twice) can prove very useful. When the former is equipped twice, along with the Disable EXO Suit module, the enemy team's capability to effectively fight back is rendered zero.

Exo Survival[]

In Exo Survival, players may be affected by a System Hack if they fail an objective round. It lasts longer than its multiplayer counterpart.


Module Additional cost Effect Icon
Disable Equipment 50 points Kills all active enemy electronic based-equipment and disables its usage for the duration of the device. Disable Equipment Hack Module AW
Flash 50 points Flashbangs all enemies for a short time. Flash Hack Module AW
Assist Points 50 points Earn assist points for teammate kills. Assist Points Hack Module AW
Extended Time 150 points Increases the amount of time the device is active. Extended Time Hack Module AW
Disable EXO Suit 200 points Disable the useage of exo movement for the duration of the device. Disable EXO Suit Hack Module AW
Disable Streaks 400 points Kills all active enemy scorestreaks and disables their use for the duration of the device. Disable Streaks Hack Module AW


  • When either the "Disable Equipment", "Disable EXO Suit" or "Disable Streaks" modules are equipped on the System Hack, the announcer's quote "Enemy HUDs have been disabled!" will be replaced with alternative ones.