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The T-600 Titan is a heavy armored fighting vehicle developed for the Armed Forces of the United States of America and the Atlas Corporation. The Main Battle tank has superior mobility compared to its traditional counterparts, as it has four vehicle treads that can double as legs in order to traverse rough terrain and avoid a variety of manmade or natural obstacles.

Onboard offensive weapons constitute a smoothbore cannon, a machine gun turret and twin rocket launchers. Its defensive weapons include a trophy system, which intercepts any incoming projectiles headed for the vehicle and an EMP device that is capable of disabling any enemy electronics within the vicinity of the tank, including unmanned drones.


The Titan is first seen in use by the USMC in "Induction". The player must protect it from being destroyed by North Korean drones.

A Titan is used by the KVA in "Fission", which Mitchell must destroy with Stinger M7 missiles.

The Titan also appears in the mission "Atlas" where it can be seen moving outside its corresponding hangar while Jonathan Irons gives his tour.

The Titan appears in Crash where in before Cormack,Jack Mitchell and Ilona fall through the ice.

It was lastly seen in Throttle at the final part where Jack Mitchell picks up the Stinger M7 to destroy it before Manticore was unleashed.


  • Designer: Atlas
  • Armour: Chromium/ceramic composite
  • Main armament: Kinetic Energy Penetrator
  • Top speed: 170mph


The Titan appears as the pointstreak Walker Tanks in an exclusive Care Package reward on the map Comeback. Multiple Titans also appear in the background of the map Kremlin, shooting missiles at buildings.


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