The T-740 Hovertank[1] is a vehicle in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Events of Advanced Warfare Edit

When Mitchell, Cormack, Gideon, and Knox fought their way out of a lab facility after recovering (and destroying) remaining intel on Manticore, the group was forced into an extended gunfight in an indoors courtyard, hindering their escape. The group then rallied to an experimental model of the T-740, with Mitchell piloting and manning the main guns. The group was able to eliminate most of the Atlas forces including several helicopters. When the Sentinels were evacuated from the area, Gideon made sure to destroy the vehicle by detonating a previously planted charge as they fled.

Specifications Edit

The T-740 was significantly more advanced than the normal T-600 "Titans" that were used in current service by both the USMC as well as Atlas themselves. The primary innovation was a series of heavy-lift turboengines against a generator that kept the vehicle afloat, allowing for much more mobility as well as strafing and tactical options. It had a top speed of 60mph

The cabin of the T-740 was much more spacious than conventional due to it's larger turret. It had room for 4 seats, comfortably spread apart. The commander sat at the controls of the tank in the middle of the turret, while other crew members sat beside them. It's armoured was composed of titanium carbide.

As for weaponry, the T-740 was equipped with dual rocket pods mounted on either sides of the cockpit which launched homing rockets capable of targeting multiple groups of infantry; this is complemented by a smooth-bore main gun. Below the main gun is a separate EMP cannon capable of taking down aircraft with a single shot. Also, a Trophy System provided defense from incoming projectiles such as missiles and cannon fire.



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