For a similar looking shotgun, see Tac 12.
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"Pump-action directed energy weapon. Best in class mobility."
— In-game description

The Tac-19 is a directed-energy, pump-action shotgun in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


The Tac-19 is the first shotgun unlocked, and it comes as part of a default class.

The Tac-19 has a rather bizarre time-to-kill. It has extremely high damage, easily one-shot killing enemies, but a somewhat limited range and a low rate of fire due to the pump action. Compared to other shotguns, it has power a player can rely on for a one-shot kill, but it doesn't have the rate of fire if one relies on making a back-up shot. It's hip-fire spread is also very large, making it good to use a Laser Sight. Due to the pump action, recoil settles almost perfectly for the next shot to take place, making recoil non-existent, and nullifying the need for a Foregrip.


Supply Drop Variants

  • Bang Stick [Elite] (Fire Rate +1, Handling +1, Mobility +1, Range -2, Accuracy -1)
  • Sledgehammer [Elite] (Accuracy +2, Magazine Capacity +1, Handling -1, Mobility -1)
  • Round House [Professional] (Fire Rate +1, Range +1, Handling -1, Mobility -1)
  • Haymaker [Professional] (Fire Rate +1, Accuracy -1, integrated Red Dot Sight)
  • Upper Cut [Professional] (Damage +1, Accuracy +1, Range -1, Mobility -1)
  • Barricade [Enlisted] (Handling +1, Accuracy -1)
  • Breacher (Damage +1, Range -1)
  • Runner (Mobility +1, Damage -1)
  • Lite Trigger (Fire Rate +1, Mobility -1)
  • Jab (Handling +1, Mobility +1, Range -1, Magazine Size -2, not redeemable)



  • The weapon was referred to as UTS-19[1] in early footage.
  • There is no pump action animation when aiming down the sights, but the delay between shots is still present.


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