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"The Paradox Must Be Resolved..."
— Mission Briefing

Tag der Toten (German: Day of the Dead) is the eighth and final Zombies map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the twenty-fifth and final Aether Story map, and the thirty-second map overall. It released on September 23rd, 2019 for PlayStation 4, and was released September 30th, 2019 on Xbox One and PC.

Tag der Toten serves as the finale to the eleven year Aether storyline that first began with Nacht der Untoten in Call of Duty: World at War, with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Vanguard focusing on the events that occurred after the events of Salvation Lies Above in a new universe taking place in the Dark Aether Saga.


Tag der Toten is a reimagining of the map Call of the Dead from Call of Duty: Black Ops. Instead of the celebrity cast, players play as Victis, for the first time since Buried from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Victis travel to the area in search of the Agarthan Device, the final item needed for Nikolai to complete his grand scheme. Much of the core layout of Call of the Dead is still present in this map, although there are now several new areas and paths for the player to traverse around the map. One major location that was added is the German facility resting on the side of the mountain overlooking the entire map, where Richtofen and Group 935 conducted many experiments with Element 115.

The map also uniquely features three power switches, each powering a certain segment of the map. Many new ziplines are added throughout the map, as well as two new Flinger locations, one of which can bring the player to a small island containing the Golden Pack-a-Punch Machine when it appears there. However, the original Flinger and the one found on the outer catwalk of the facility are broken, and the engine powering them much be separately brought to the Hermit in the lighthouse for him to repair. The Hermit in the lighthouse always rewards the player with many items, with a key item in particular being a zipline handle, which can be rewarded to the player once both ziplines on the ship are put in place. The map also introduces two new weapons, the Tundra Gun and the Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfschütze. The Thundergun also makes a reappearance in the map.



Starting Weapons
Special Weapons
Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box

Quests and Easter Eggs

Story Quest

Main article: Salvation Lies Above

The main story Easter Egg for Tag der Toten is Salvation Lies Above - where the Victis crew assemble the Agarthan Device to resolve the paradox of the Multiverse and resolve the duality between the Keepers and Apothicons.

Musical Easter Eggs

Weaponry Easter Eggs

  • A new Lethal grenade can be unlocked in the map, called Samantha's Music Box.
    • Inside the Group 935 facility, after turning on the current at the Human Infusion, players need to recover two punch cards. One in Decontamination and the other in Specimen Storage.
    • The punch cards need to be inserted in a machine next to the desk inside the Security Lobby.
    • After a moment, the players will be able to retrieve the punch cards and insert them at each side of the Vault in the Human Infusion.This will trigger a lockdown while the Vault opens. Once the Vault is opened, Samantha's Music Box will be available.
  • A free Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfschütze can be acquired in a Group 935 chest at the Lighthouse.
    • Players need to find an ice stalactite with a key trapped inside of it located either at the Beach, the Lighthouse Station or the Lighthouse Cove. Once the stalactite is recovered, the players need to melt it using the pot at the Forecastle to get the key.
    • With the key, players will open a safe located in the Specimen Storage at the Group 935 facility. The safe contains the Vril Device and players will have to kill zombies near the device to charge it.
    • Once charged, the players will need to reach the level 4 of the Lighthouse and give it to the Hermit who will award them with a key to open the Group 935 chest and retrieve the Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfschütze.
  • A free Thundergun can be acquired in an Ascension Group chest at the Lighthouse.
    • Players will need to complete all the challenges at each Challenge Totem.
      • At the Frozen Crevasse.
      • At the Lighthouse Station.
      • At the Beach.
      • At the Forecastle.
      • At the Specimen Storage in the Group 935 facility.
    • Once all the challenges are completed, the players will need to reach the level 4 of the Lighthouse where the Hermit will award them with a key to open the Ascension Group chest and retrieve the Thundergun.
  • A free Tundragun can be acquired in a chest inside the Cargo Hold.
    • Player will have to throw Snowballs at 5 targets around the map in a limited time.
      • Above the Group 935 facility door near the Loading Platform.
      • On a wall in the Ice Grotto.
      • Near the Flinger at the Sun Deck.
      • On the newel at the level 3 of the Lighthouse.
      • On pillar in the Cargo Hold.
    • Once all the targets were shot, a chest near the last target in the Cargo Hold will open and the Tundragun will be available.
  • Players can get yellow snowballs that will replace all the snowballs in the map and will one-shot kill zombies even within higher rounds.
    • Players need to find 4 sock puppets around the map and throw a snowball at them, each puppet has three possible locations.
      • At the Sunken Path.
      • At the Sun Deck.
      • At the Lighthouse.
      • At the Geological Processing at the Group 935 facility.
    • Once all the sock puppets have been hit, players will need to go to find three blue campfires that have appeared around the map. These blue campfires act as soul boxes.
      • At the Beach.
      • At the Boathouse.
      • At the Frozen Crevasse.
    • Once all the campfires are charged, players will need to go to the Human Infusion at the Group 935 and shoot the container with Pablo Marinus' spleen inside of it. The spleen will fall to the ground and players will have to pick it up which will trigger a timer. To slow down the timer, players can stay in the water before bringing the spleen to the Hermit at the lighthouse. The Hermit will reward the players with yellow snowballs.

Miscellaneous Easter Eggs

  • Two jumpscares can be found around the map.
    • A Margwa jumpscare will trigger at the Forecastle when looking at the paper with "Margwa can't hurt you, Margwa isn't real" written on it.
    • A Hermit jumpscare when looking at the light of the lighthouse with a sniper scope. Once the light passes through the scope, the jumpscare will trigger.
  • Players can obtain a fifth perk by collecting 5 wooden figurines at each Pack-a-Punch locations when the machine is active. Once collected, the figurines need to be placed in a suitcase by the Beach. Electric zombies will spawn on the next round and once all the zombies are killed, a free perk power up will spawn near the suitcase.
    • A Margwa figurine at the Golden Pack-a-Punch in the Island.
    • A Siberian musk deer figurine at the Boathouse.
    • A bird figurine at the Beach.
    • An Apothicon figurine at the Sunken Path.
    • A squirrel figurine at the Lagoon.
  • In the Lighthouse Station, players can interact with a pair of glasses on a table. This will give them 500 points and the character will pay tribute to George A. Romero.
  • Through unknown means, a secret area can be accessed. The secret area has Mars in the background, and when entering the secret area, the loading screen music for Shangri-La can be heard. This is referring to a fan theory that the map Shangri-La was located on Mars.
  • A "Freeze Mode" can be activated after a player have frozen completely, requiring to use melee attacks to free themselves, in each of the 10 water locations around the map in any order: Docks, Frozen Crevasse, Lagoon, Ice Grotto, Lighthouse Cove, Cargo Hold, Hidden Path, Beach, Artifact Storage and Sunken Path.
    • Once a player have frozen 10 times, a button will appear in spawn near a chunk of ice. When pressed all the players will be locked in the spawn area and Samantha will say "Don't freeze!". Players will continue their current round but will slowly freeze if they don't sprint. Once the round has ended, the game will jump to Round 200 onwards.
    • This easter egg was hinted by Treyarch on January 15th, 2020[1], nearly four months after the release of the map and was figured out two weeks later.


Intro Cutscene


The cryopods from Richtofen's lab under Alcatraz are opening.

Samuel J. Stuhlinger: What? Are you serious?!

Stuhlinger leaves his cryopod.

Stuhlinger: NO WAY!! DUDE that's AWESOME!

Misty, Marlton and Russman are leaving their cryopods.

Abigail "Misty" Briarton: Uhhh... Stu?

Marlton Johnson: Oh my... Someone's been busy.

Russman: Your German pal asked if we wanted to live. This don't feel like livin'...

Russman is vomiting.

Stuhlinger: Calm down everybody. Everything's fine... Or going to be fine... Okay?

A shot of a forest can be seen followed by Ultimis and Primis cheering and drinking around a campfire.

Primis Nikolai Belinski: My friends... Old and new. We stand on the brink of victory. Element 115. Group 935. The Hellpig Scourge. The MPD. The Apothicons. All of it will soon be gone. But tonight? Tonight we celebrate!

At Alcatraz, the zombies are trying to enter Richtofen's lab.

Russman: We got a whole bunch of maggot feeders headed downstairs - And we ain't got no weapons!

Stuhlinger: Yes! I'm telling them now, but they're ALL a teensy bit grumpy because they just woke up...

Misty: Hey Stu - You wanna be a bit more specific about what the voice in your head is actually saying?

Stuhlinger: Doctor Minty? What? Is he like a bad guy?

A portal opens.

Stuhlinger: We gotta go.

Zombies are rushing into the lab before Victis step through the portal which closes. After the screen turned black, a shot of the Summoning Key turning can be seen.

Primis Nikolai: With this power - and the means to control it - We can go wherever we choose. At last, we can return to our homes, our old lives. Our families.

A lighthouse can be seen shining as a portal opens with Victis stepping out of it. They start fighting zombies.

Marlton: I've got to be honest with you Samuel - I don't have even the slightest inkling as to what an Agartha Device is.

Misty: He didn't say you had to know what it was, Marlton - just how to build it.

Stuhlinger: Trust me, guys - it won't be that complicated! In fact, my German pal says it's gonna be a 'Schlam Dunk'.

Victis is seen leaving the lighthouse.

Russman: It's one thing trusting you, Sty... It's a whole other thing trusting your imaginary brain-buddy.

Stuhlinger: Russman! How can you even say that?! He's the sweetest guy in the whole universe! He wants us to help save it! The Universe!

Back at the campfire.

Ultimis Richtofen: Thank you, Sammy... I am moved.

As the others seem unconscious, it is revealed Ultimis Richtofen turned back into Undead Richtofen who is laughing. Meanwhile, somewhere else in the forest, Primis Nikolai is talking to Samantha and Eddie.

Primis Nikolai: The madness is nearly over child, but one thing remains. The one who perpetuates this madness... He must be... I wish I did not have to ask this of you, but... Only you can do it.

Outro Cutscene


The Summoning Key is seen turning followed by Primis and Ultimis at the campfire.

Primis Nikolai: Comrades! As we toast our victory, I want each of you to think about what you really want. Where would you like to go now? Believe me, you can have it.

Primis Dempsey is seen unconscious as the screen turned black.

Stuhlinger: Hello?! Um, Richtofen?! Has something gone wrong?

Victis is fighting zombies in Siberia.

Stuhlinger: We did everything you asked... You haven't forgotten about us, have you?

At the campfire.

Undead Richtofen: No, Sammy. I haven't forgotten about you.

Primis Nikolai is next to the Agarthan Device and is holding the Summoning Key. He visibly tears up.

Primis Nikolai: It is time, Richtofen. The multiverse must come to an end. The paradox must be resolved. At least, it will be quick.

Primis Nikolai activates the Agarthan Device which destroyes the Summoning Key showing a galaxy before disappearing.

In Siberia.

Stuhlinger: What are you talking about? We found the Agarthan Device!

Siberia, and Victis, are banished into the Dark Aether.

Undead Richtofen: I know. And I am so sorry.

Primis Nikolai aims at Undead Richtofen with his revolver.

Primis Nikolai: Me too, Richtofen.

Richtofen screams before Nikolai kills him - his blood splattering the tree and flowers nearby. Several shots of Primis and Ultimis at the campfire, a Margwa and the Apothicons, the Keepers during War of Agartha.

Primis Nikolai: We fought for what we wanted. We got more than we deserved. All the chapters of our lives, good and bad. Even if there was no witness. Even if no one cared to see. It still happened somewhere. We've fought the Great War over and over but victory could never be ours.

Ultimis Nikolai is seen drunk at a bar.

Primis Nikolai: We were always doomed to fail.

Monty can be seen outside the House.

Primis Nikolai: Monty told us the truth. Our journey is the very reason this madness exists.

The pages of the Kronorium can be seen changing and erasing themselves.

Primis Nikolai: We are the ones who fractured the universe. This is the truth the Kronorium showed me. The truth Richtofen could no longer face.

The Alcatraz Pocket Dimension, Camp Edward, the Pentagon are seen fading away.

Primis Nikolai: When we are gone so too is everything that spewed forth from the Aether. Element 115, the Apothicons, even Monty himself. All of it will be banished to where it belongs. The Dark Aether.

At the campfire, Primis and Ultimis are seen dead from poisoning with Primis Nikolai as the only survivor. By the fire, Primis Nikolai is talking to Samantha and Eddie.

Primis Nikolai: We should not be here. Our time has passed. But for the all the pain and torment we have endured together. As we leave this life behind, it is my hope that you know one thing beyond any doubt.

Primis Nikolai gives his revolver to Samantha before turning his back and closing his eyes.

Samantha Maxis: Look away, Eddie.

Samantha kills Primis Nikolai, cutting to black as the embers of the campfire fade away.

Primis Nikolai: You were more than just my allies. My brothers in arms. You were my friends.

Samantha and Eddie, now within the Dark Aether, walk towards a new universe as Samantha's Peace is playing.

Primis Nikolai: I would like to return to my home. My beloved. Before the bombs fell. If only to die by her side.

Primis Takeo Masaki: I see myself at peace. Serene. Sitting beneath a cherry blossom tree. Listening to the joy of my children at play.

Primis Edward Richtofen: I think I'd like to teach... medicine... maybe pathology.

Primis "Tank" Dempsey: You know the more I think about it, the more I think I'd be a darn good DI. Heh. Get those kids toughened up...

Ultimis Nikolai: I would like to be in favorite bar. But as long as I have vodka... I am happy man. (burps)

Ultimis Takeo: I would like to know for sure that I brought honor to my ancestor... and the Emperor.

Ultimis Richtofen: I should probably try to relax. Take up a hobby. Maybe I could open my own morgue...

Ultimis Dempsey: Hmmm... Lemme think about it. But wherever I go, you know I'll be kickin' ass... (laughter)

Samantha and Eddie exit the Dark Aether, entering a new universe and securing a better tomorrow.

Reels, Radios and Phonograph Records

Main article: Tag der Toten/Reels, Radios and Phonograph Records


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  • The name "Tag der Toten" is a reference to Day of the Dead a 1985 George A. Romero film. This is most likely a tribute to the late Romero, as the map is a reimagining of Call of the Dead, in which Romero made an appearance.
  • The stranded ship is named "Tugarin" (Russian: Тугарин), a mythical creature personifying evil and cruelty. This is a reference to the Apothicons as the ship was transporting the blood of one of the Elder Gods.
  • The Margwa jumpscare involving the "Margwa can't hurt you, Margwa isn't real" paper could be a reference to the "___ can't hurt you, ___ isn't real" internet meme.
  • In the ending cutscene, Marlton is seen using the King and Country (Pack-A-Punched Welling), but there are no explosions.