The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered
For the perk in Call of Duty: Ghosts, see Takedown (perk).

"Find and capture arms-dealer Alejandro Rojas, hiding somewhere in the favela."
— Description

"Takedown" is the fifth campaign mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered (or the fourth if the mission "No Russian" is skipped). It is the final mission in Act 1 of the campaign. In the aftermath of the Zakhaev Airport massacre, Task Force 141 find evidence of the arms dealer who supplied the attack, Alejandro Rojas, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, protected by the local militia. Initially unaware of his location, Task Force 141 eventually gain information on Rojas' whereabouts by capturing his assistant, and move in to take him down. 



Rojas' assistant, moments before disarming and killing the militia.

General Shepherd sends Task Force 141 to capture Alejandro Rojas, the supplier for Makarov and the massacre at Zakhaev International Airport, which caused the Russian invasion of the U.S for its involvement in the attack.

Having followed two militia members, Task Force 141 finds Rojas' assistant. The assistant guns down the two militamen before shooting at the car Roach and Soap are in, killing the driver. Soap, Ghost, and Roach chase the assistant into an alleyway, and under Soap's orders, Roach fires on the assistant's legs, crippling him before he could escape into the favela.

Soap and Ghost begin their interrogation of the assistant, tasking Roach, Meat and Royce to search for Rojas in the favela. When they arrive, Meat fires warning shots, telling the civilians to hide. The gunfire also prompts the militia to come out and engage the group, believing that the police have come to finish them off. Battling through the low-level favela, Meat and Royce are eventually killed by the militia, leaving Roach by himself.

Soap informs Roach that they have learned of Rojas' location, and they are on their way to apprehend him. Roach will not have backup, as there is no time to call for reinforcements. Roach battles his way to the upper levels of the favela as he encounters more militia, some of them armed with RPGs. Ghost and Roach have several opportunities to incapacitate Rojas, but Soap does not allow it, as it is too risky. The three continue to cut off Rojas' means of escape, and when Rojas seems like he is about to get away, Soap tackles him onto a car.

With their target captured, Ghost tries to call for extraction, but is unable to due to the war erupting in the U.S; none of the men appear to be aware of it, and Ghost feels that they have been abandoned.

Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout
Found in level

These weapons can be found with and without attachments.

Intel Items

  • Intel No. 7: (1/4 Intel) In the first favela area where Roach, Meat and Royce have to beat through after capturing Rojas' associate, it is located in a white building to the right of the motorcycle inside the kitchen below the Brazilian flag.
  • Intel No. 8: (2/4 Intel) In the second favela area, before heading up hill, look for a ladder on the wall leading to a red brick building. The intel is on the table inside.
  • Intel No. 9: (3/4 Intel) After getting #8 and exiting the brick building, the player can see on the opposite side of the road a building with some wooden stairs. The intel is next to the bed inside.
  • Intel No. 10: (4/4 Intel) Near the end of the chase, the player will come across another red brick building on his right after heading up some stairs and passing a burning green car. Inside that building, a stair heads downwards. The intel is in the lower floor in between two beds.



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  • The NPC character that drives the vehicle the player is in has an Australian flag on his hat but an American flag on his shoulder. This was fixed with the release of the Remastered campaign. 
  • The white van has no driver until both vehicles stop and Rojas' assistant exits the building.
  • While pursuing Rojas' associate, the player has unlimited sprint.
  • In a bathroom of one of the buildings, there is a teddy bear that has a knife in its face pinned to the wall near the door, interestingly near one of its eyes. This is a foreshadowing of how Soap kills Shepherd in "Endgame".
  • If the player fires a gun before Meat jumps down, the player can scare away the civilians before he does.
  • Posters can be seen that show a man called "Griggs" presented by Infinity Ward.
  • Directly after encountering a dog behind the fence, if the player turns to the left of the wooden fence, there will be a white house with an open window with a civilian imitating a person firing a weapon and pointing in the direction of the militia for the player.
  • During Infinity Ward's preview of this level, the track "Scorponok" from the Transformers Soundtrack could be heard as the background music up until when the player shot Rojas' associate.
  • After the player shoots Rojas' associate in the leg and captures him, Ghost is seen getting ready to extract information from him. But strangely, during the "Worldwide" trailer, someone else does this.
  • In the Polish version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, this mission has two names: in game its name is "Wejście" (Entrance/Entry), and in the mission menu it's called "Atak" (Attack).
  • Outside of the map, there are many boats on a lake that are all modeled with a mirror of itself on the bottom, to give the illusion of the water reflecting the image.
  • The car that the player is in when the mission starts is indestructible and it has its own unique model.
  • In the original game, Ghost is shown using a car battery to torture Rojas' assistant. In the remastered campaign, Ghost uses a blowtorch instead.
  • In the original game, Rojas assistant is firing his Desert Eagle at three militia members, and the player's car, but in the remastered version, he picks up the AK-47, and fires at the player's car until the car's engine is smoking, unlike in the original game.
  • In the remastered version, Soap will slide across the hood of a white car just as another car hits it.
  • In the remastered version, when Rojas is apprehended by Soap; Ghost jumps onto the hood of the car that Soap and  Rojas landed on to assist in prisoner control. Ghost is also more physically animated while calling in air evac: his body language expressing astonishment and frustration at commands response and denial of helicopter evac.
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