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He died?! :O! I never saw him die on Hill 400, nor did I see him in "Crossing the Rhine". US Army WWII MSGTSgt. ChiafriendRifleman 21:47, 26 August 2007 (UTC)

Maybe you could save him, I guess it's possible. - Mrs. Wong

Yesterday I played the Hill 400 level to see how he died. He survives the first artillery barrage infact I think he was the one that ordered them to get in the foxholes. Then I followed him into some smoke screens. After that I stopped with him at some sand bags. I got up fired at the Krauts then i was in laying down postion staring at him. I saw him fire a round then he got shot right between the eyes.- Huxley123

Wow Huxley123! You`re the only one who wrote that he sometimes survives the first artillery barage.I`ll give you a note:All the other soldiers (exept Cpl.Bill) are killed buy the second artillery barage.Than some wounded soldiers are healed and come to fight. Corporal Bill niether those other soldiers die.They survive the battle of hill 400.Wahooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

If you put a grenade under Braeburn's clone stand by him till he ducks his clone will blow up and sometimes his helmet will fall off. This is on the first level of Point Du Hoc.- Huxley 123

When ever you finish a D-Day mission it does that mission complete thing and shows people smiling. Well any way if you look in the center of that picture and look slightly to the left their is a person that looks much like Braeburn. He has a small head, lots of skin covering his eyes, and a line going down his chin.-Huxley123

Huxley,I tried this and it worked perfectley! Thanks!

That so sad. He was my favorite in COD 2. I did'nt even see him after the assult on Hill 400 RIP Braburn.

p.s. its kind of weird cause in point Dou Hoc he starts as a support gunner, then he's a rifleman. Odd right?- CheeseAKA

Changing Dead/Alive Status Edit

I think we should change Braeburn's status from Dead/Alive solely to dead.  I've played the Hill 400 level more times than I care to count, and each time, Braeburn dies some way.

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