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Not to be a pain guys, but I served four years as a sniper and pathfinder in First Ranger Battalion. As such, I want to say that it is VERY difficult to spot a sniper with a first generation thermal imager-even a second-gen for that matter-if the ghillie suit is properly made and the soldiers take proper cover/concealment. Combine this fact with the extremely harsh SERE training that American and British snipers receive, especially SOCOM snipers, I'd have to hazard that Toad and Archer COULD have easily avoided the Shadow Company scans. They very well could have survived. Also, an M14/Mk.14 EBR (which the Modern Warfare M14 actually is) is an extremely accurate weapon system that is issued to spotters, who ARE trained snipers. Mostly, U.S. Navy SEAL snipers use them, as well as some British SBS shooters. All spooters are usually armed with modified and accurized Designated Marksman Rifles. The M14 could easily used by the primary sniper too, so it wouldn't be too unusual for either Toad or Archer to use it. Having said that, the primary shooter does use a bolt gun.

Forgot to add my name! I'll go with a false one. Sean.

TBH I don't think IW thought nearly that deeply about it. They probably think snipers just chill in an area until someone higher up tells them to leave or they get killed/captured and don't know about the intense survival training snipers have. However, it is interesting information. Darkman 4 20:51, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks Darkman! I appreciate the comment! Haha, yeah you have a point. It IS just a game afterall! Let me re-state. In real life, Archer and Toad would have gotten out! Se

I sure as hell wasn't going to start changing stuff on YOUR website. I'm only here out of work boredom anyway! I just wanted to inform. All Special Operations units receive rough SERE, but snipers tend to have it worse. Paranoia I suppose. We'd also have several exfil routes and plans, most unknown to anyone but us. If anyone would survive that kind of treachery, it'd be a sniper. I heard they worked heavily with SEALs for this game. Is that true? Like Delta or the SAS, those boys are one of THE elite units. Sean.

The Name ToadEdit

Isn't the toad seen as being lucky in some cultures, such as the Chinese culture? Could this be a possible sign that he and Archer were 'lucky' to escape the events of MW2

It's possible! Also U.S. Navy SEALs who are noted to be "hard to kill" are called toads.

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