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Tank War is a cut gametype from Call of Duty: World at War. Little is known about it, being the only thing that proves its existence is audio files of the announcers, and a file that appeared for it in the records section in the beta. According to the name, and the voices from the announcers the gametype was going to be based around armored warfare. Similar to regular Team Deathmatch, the goal would have most likely been to destroy as many enemy Tanks as possible. It would have most likely been the Japanese Type 97 tanks vs. the American M4 Sherman tanks, and the Russian T-34 vs. the German Panzer IV. That would mean the Type 97 and the M4 Sherman could have been added to multiplayer.

Audio Files Edit

Vehicle Team Deathmatch and Tank War

Vehicle Team Deathmatch and Tank War

The audio files for Tank War
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