"Tankers" is the third campaign mission in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, and the only full tank level in the game.

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The level starts off with the player in a tank getting chewed out by Delaney for not being in the half-track with the rest of the player's squad. The tank commander takes the blame and says that he was just trying to offer a quick ride because his younger brother would have been killed if it wasn't for what the infantry did back at the Oran Airfield. The player and the tanks then move down the road and into the town. There, they have to take out two M13/40's. Once that is completed, the player encounters two Panzerschreck teams, one on top of the hill to the right, the other to the left near the stairs. Supporting the teams are two more M13 40s. The tanks move further down the valley into the town and encounter two FlaK 88s to the left of the tank column, one is in a building that doesn't look too sturdy, and the other one can be destroyed by ground forces. The player flanks right, taking out the Panzer IVs along the way. After surviving the ambush of five M13/40s, the tanks make their way through a small valley. The player has option to take out the Kubelwagen fleeing the scene but it's not required. After yet another small valley, the tanks encounter two FlaK 88s and a mess of Panzers. The player only has to take out an AA gun on the edge of the town, making it safe for the planes to come in and bomb the place, thus ending the level.



  • Many of the walls and buildings are destructible.
  • If the player lets the German jeep drive off, when they round the corner, two Panzer tanks will be waiting.
  • In the small valley with one AA gun, proceed to the last area, there is a German truck near the house. If the player shoots rapidly at the truck, it will make the black smoke become thicker.
  • The last AA gun on the hill can be destroyed with only one shot from Browning M2.
  • If the player does not destroy the Flak 88, the other ally will not proceed.

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Call of Duty 2 Big Red One - Tunisia, Mission 2

Call of Duty 2 Big Red One - Tunisia, Mission 2

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