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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Warzone
For the original military organization, see Task Force 141.

Laswell: "What are you calling this task force?"
Price: "1-4-1."
Price and Laswell discuss about forming Task Force 141

Task Force 141 is a joint multi-national special operations task force and counter-terrorism military unit formed by Captain John Price at the conclusion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.



Shortly after Roman Barkov's death, Captain Price met with Kate Laswell at a teahouse to discuss the formation of a new task force, intended to tie up loose ends that would inevitably be created in the void left behind by Barkov. Laswell initially dismisses the idea, saying she can “fund assets, not outlaws”, though she stops when Price threatens to leave. Laswell brings up that Victor Zakhaev, the son of the late Imran Zakhaev, sought to claim Barkov's throne, mentioning that he was a big fan of Hadir and that he would break him out of Russian custody.

After relenting to Price's request to give him what he wants, Laswell hands him the files of multiple candidates handpicked by Price on behalf of General Shepherd. After going over the files of Kyle "Gaz" Garrick, Johnny "Soap" MacTavish, and Simon "Ghost" Riley, Price explains that the rest of his candidates were "need to know", unless he had a deal with Laswell. When questioned by Laswell on what he would call the task force, Price eagerly responds: "1-4-1".

War in Verdansk

The Armistice initiative has been successful in containing the threats in Verdansk, taking out Al-Qatala key targets and dismantling most of their operations. However, Ghost discovered that Armistice operators have been targeting each other after clouds of deadly gas are released all over Verdansk. After escaping the gas attack, Ghost arrives at a classified location in Urzikstan occupied by Ultranationalists and is joined by Charly and Talon along with "Alex" who survived the explosion in Georgia. Price and Gaz join the fight in Verdansk shortly after learning of Zakhaev's plan and the hidden bunkers across the city containing nuclear weapons.

Later on, Price discovers Zakhaev has been using the subways to move across the city undetected alongside supplies. However, the subway system was deactivated. In a joint effort with Nikolai and Farah Karim, they are able to activate the subway passages throughout the city and continue their search for Zakhaev.

Sometime later, the team, which Farah and Nikolai were now members of, along with Marcus Griggs' Demon Dogs, assault the Bunker 10 missile silo to find Zakhaev, who was preparing to launch a dormant nuclear warhead. While this happened, Price managed to infiltrate the silo from another entry point and manages to shoot Zakhaev in the shoulder. As the launch began to commence, Zakhaev mockingly greets Price, who responds by calling Zakhaev "a dead man." When Zakhaev exclaims that he started a war and that killing him would achieve nothing, Price explains that he wasn't going to kill him directly, but rather "the fall will" before hoisting Zakhaev over a railing and pushing him over the side to his death.

With the help of Nikolai, Price manages to disarm the nuke launch just in time, averting the nuclear threat. Price, along with Nikolai, "Alex", Ghost, Kyle and Farah, travel to the Verdansk Dam to witness the continued fighting of the Armistice soldiers between one another. Soap then contacts Price to inform him of a developing situation half a click off the coast, and the team parachutes off of the dam to meet up with him.