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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
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Task Force Spectre is a playable U.S military faction that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts' Extinction mode. They only appear in the mission Point of Contact.

Point of Contact[]

Task Force Spectre was sent in as the 2nd squad by the U.S. Military to quell the "alien" outbreak in Caldera Peak, Colorado after CIF Team Four of the Rapid Reaction Force mysteriously disappeared within the first hour of deployment. Task Force Spectre's mission was to destroy any Cryptid hives they encountered, fight their way through the heart of the town, detonate a nuclear device near the crater, as authorized by the President of the United States, and eradicate the town of Cryptids. The town became infested with Cryptids due to the ODIN strikes 2 weeks prior, which revealed the the prehistoric Cryptid species that was laying dormant underneath the Colorado area. After activating the nuclear device, the Task Force rushed to the extraction point, while fighting off an onslaught of Cryptids, where they were exfiltrated via helicopter, just in time to watch the nuke sterilize the town of any Cryptid presence.

The status of Task Force Spectre is currently unknown.

They were later succeeded by CIF Team 1 of the Rapid Reaction Force in NightfallMaydayAwakening, and Exodus as the main playable characters of Extinction.


When the helicopter begins to leave[]

"Roger that, Spectre One copies."

"Roger that, Spectre One copies all. Okay, let's move!"

When deploying the drill[]

"I'm activating the drill! Cover me!"

"Deploying drill, watch my six!"

As Cryptids begin to approach[]

"Look out!"

"Watch out!"

After a hive is destroyed[]

"Stay frosty, we have more targets/hives to clear in this area."

"How many more of these things are there?"

"I don't know how much more of this I can take."

"I sure could use an upgrade; I don't know about you, I sure could use a upgrade."

"Hit the next hive!" Only said if there is a long delay after the previus hive is destroyed.

When downed[]

"I'm down! Get over here and help me!"

"I'm bleeding out! Get over here and help me!"

"Help! I'm bleeding out!"

When the player revives an ally[]

"It's just a flesh wound, get up!"

"Get up!"

"Don't worry, I got ya!"

When a Cryptid damages the drill[]

"We've got hostiles attacking the drill!"

"They're attacking the drill!"

"We got hostiles on the drill!"

When the drill has less than 50 health[]

Note: These quotes may still be uttered out even after the drill gets repaired and brought back above 50 health.

"The drill is taking too much heat!"

"We're going to lose the drill!"

"We're going to lose the drill, focus fire!"

"We're gonna lose the drill, get em off!"

"We're gonna lose the drill, push harder!"

Scorpions inbound[]

"Scorpions! Look out!"


Meteor inbound[]


"Watch out! Meteor!"

Seekers inbound[]

"Seekers! Watch out!"

"They're coming from the smoke!"

When a Rhino appears[]

"It's a Rhino!"

"Hit it from the sides!"

"That's a Rhino, flank it!"

"We got a Rhino incoming!"

When a rare item is found[]



When a map item is bought[]

"Electric fences live!"

"Trap activated!"

"Fire trap set!"

"Minigun turret online!"

"Chopper inbound!"

When ammo is deployed[]

"Deploying team ammo!"

"Got ammo here!"

"Special ammo ready!"

When ammo or team support is given in solo play[]

"This'll work."

"Yeah, this'll work!"

When team support is deployed[]

"Armour here!"

"I got body armour over here!"

"Supplies over here!"

"Boosters deployed!"

When a Strike Package item is deployed[]

"I.M.S. online!"

"I.M.S. deployed!"

"Mortar Strike inbound!"

"Sentry online!"

"Drone online!"

When an Equalizer is deployed[]

"Turret online!"

"Grenade Turret online!"

"War Machine online!"

"Grenade Launcher online!"

"Minigun online!"

When the nuke is armed[]

"Spectre One to overwatch! Fireworks are live and ready to go! We're moving to the LZ!"

"Overwatch! Fireworks are live and ready to go!"

"Overwatch! Nuke is online, we are ready for exfil!"

Whilst running from the nuke[]

"Nuke's counting down, let's get out of here! Move!"

"Nuke's armed, let's get out of here! Move!"

When time is running down on the escape[]

"Thirty seconds!"

"Ten seconds!"


  • The Task Force's callsign may be a reference to Specter Team, who served as the protagonist in the Co-op campaign in Resistance 2, as Extinction bears many resemblances and possible inspirations from Resistance 2's Co-op campaign.