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Sergeant Taylor is a character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS). He helps and gives advice to Sergeant Michael Shaw to practice on the Training Camp.


Sometime before the Bay of Pigs Invasion, Taylor noticed that Shaw was simply standing around. Taylor decided to train Shaw before he would be deployed to Cuba. Ordered to follow, Shaw walked to the training course.

First, Taylor made Shaw run an obstacle course. Shaw was ordered to mantle over an obstacle. Then he had to crouch and move under an obstacle. Next, he had to climb on top of some boxes and climb a ladder.

After Shaw completed the obstacle course, Taylor led him to a firing range. He had Shaw fire on targets first from the hip, and then while aiming down the M16's sights. Afterwards, he had Shaw throw a grenade through a window. Taylor also instructed Shaw on shooting targets hidden behind thin cover. Finally, Taylor taught Shaw to throw his knife before clearing him for combat.


  • "Going around and don't have nothin' to do soldier? Looks to me you got some time for practice."
  • "Grab the weapon from the table, soldier."
  • "Aim down your sight to improve accuracy"
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