Team Defender is a game mode introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In this mode, one player must hold on to a flag for as long as possible, while his teammates defend him. Similar to Capture the Flag, teams are awarded points for killing the enemy. However, the team holding the flag receives double points towards the match score. In order to hold the flag, the player must kill the enemy player currently holding the flag, then take the flag off their body. The player that is holding the flag will get a 20 point assist for every kill that each teammates get. The team to reach the score limit of 7500 first, or have the highest score when time runs out wins. The first appearance of the flag is not in the middle of the map, but appears where the first person dies in a match. Team Defender is popular among players who want to rank up rapidly. This gametype is notorious for its erratic spawn system, usually spawning enemy players very close to the friendly flag carrier.

  • Team without flag - 50 points per kill
  • Team with flag - 100 points per kill
  • Kill flag carrier - 250 points



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