A Technical is an improvised fighting vehicle featured in both Modern Warfare installments of Call of Duty.


Typically, a technical is a civilian vehicle with bolt-on "hillbilly armor" and added weaponry. The most common depiction is of a pickup truck with a mounted heavy machinegun (most often a .50 cal machine gun or in most cases in the Middle East, a PKM machine gun), though these can range from up-armored motor-scooters to five-ton flatbeds armed with anti-aircraft cannons or recoil-less rifles.

In game

They are seen in "Charlie Don't Surf" and "Death From Above" in Call of Duty 4. It is a red or white 4x4 pick-up has a mounted 50cal. MG on it.

A destroyed technical is also seen in the back alley of the multiplayer map Crash.

The Militia has 3 technicals in The Hornet's Nest with a Browning M2, in 2 cases the gun is usable. Shadow Company in The Enemy of My Enemy have their own version of a technical, a black "Vioxy" (in-game pseudonym for Cadillac Escalade) SUV with a mounted Gatling minigun, though these are not, by definition, technicals. Technicals are used by the Opfor can be seen in EndGame.


  • The term "Technical" was coined during the Somalian Civil War. Reportedly, Red Cross Aid workers were often accosted by warlords for cash to fund their clans. The money was then written off as "Technical Expenses".
  • It's possible but unlikely to be killed by one in the beginning Charlie Don't Surf on Veteran.
  • The M2 machine gun on the back of the Technical in "The Hornet's Nest" can be used. Also, it shows the icon for the M249 SAW.
  • The Shadow Company SUV is not actually a technical. Its original chassis was removed and was replaced by tough armor. In addition, the windows are bullet resistant. Also, this vehicle is not for civilian use. The minigun is actually integrated into the vehicle, so this is not an improvised fighting vehicle. (Sources: History Channel: History of the Armored Car.)
  • In Call of Duty 4, if the player kills the driver of the technical, the vehicle will immediately burst into flames.
  • In very rare cases in the mission 'Enemy of my Enemy' it is possible to disable a Shadow Company Technical by simply shooting the gunner with a sniper weapon. Why this is makes little sense as the driver would be well shielded.
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