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The Tel Aviv War or Invasion of Tel Aviv is a conflict that occurred prior to 2015.[2] It was presumably fought by the United States of America, assisting its ally Israel in an attempt to fight off one or more of Israel's neighboring countries. The conflict followed a series of other Middle Eastern conflicts, but is notable for causing such massive devastation of the region that those countries involved subsequently collapsed, setting off a global energy crisis that crippled First World nations who had relied on Middle Eastern oil. This enabled the rise of the Federation, which dominated the global energy market going forward.



  1. Operation Sand Viper, which supposedly took place during this conflict, was fought on the Iranian border according to Thomas Merrick's psychological evaluation file.
  2. 2015 is the year of the U.S.'s Operation: Return to Sender against the Federation, which is the earliest known dated event in the Call of Duty: Ghosts timeline. Since the Federation only came about after the Tel Aviv War and was well established by 2015, the Tel Aviv War had to have occurred at some point before 2015.
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