The Teller Mine was a German-made munition common in World War II. Equipped with a built-in carrying handle, the mine was a plate-shaped (Teller is the German word for plate) device used for anti-tank warfare. It's seen in Call of Duty: Finest Hour in the level "Depot Saboteurs". The Teller mine is also an objective in the mission Last Bridge Standing, in which the player has to destroy them to protect allied tanks. The best strategy for this section is to use grenades, as this allows the player to remain in cover and avoid fire from the machine guns covering the minefield. These mines are placed on the ground and detonate when a tank drives over them. They are pressure detonated and need a weight of at least five tons to detonate. In game, they will explode if shot at.


  • The player can walk on it despite being a mine, as it will only explode if an enemy or tank went over it.
  • When player drops the mine on a surface, it produces a sound of a grenade hitting the ground.
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