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For the enemies featured in Zombies, see Templar Zombie.

Templar is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added in the game on November 13, 2020 during Season 12 Going Dark as part of Dark Omen Draw. [1]

Templar is also an important character in the Comics, where he is an antagonist. Not much is known about him besides his membership in The Five Knights. In the comics, he is seen putting on his helmet and then throwing a few knives with great accuracy at a picture of Mara, Soap, Price, Ghost and Tank, prominently hitting Tank. Later on, Templar intercepts Soap and Price. He grabs Soap by the throat and tosses him aside, when 2 SEALs attempt to intervene. Soap and Price devise a plan to take him down but it fails and he escapes after having a brief standoff with Price, leaving Soap mortally wounded.

In Season 13, Wint3r War, Templar appears again to intercept Ghost who has discovered Makarov whom is still alive. A short hustle occurs and ends with Templar throwing a knife into Ghost's wrist.

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  • The appearance of his armor is heavily based on the Predator armor.
  • Templar owns a photograph of the UAC Operators. Implying that he has also been involved with them at one point, as when he meets Captain Price, he notes "How nice to see you again."

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