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"I am called The Templar. It's a bit dramatic, but very threatening, no?"
— Templar introduces himself to Ghost.

Templar is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile and was added in the game on November 13, 2020 during Season 12 Going Dark as part of Dark Omen Draw. [1] Templar is also an important character in the Comics, where he is an antagonist.


Not much is known about him besides his membership in The Five Knights. In the comics, he is seen putting on his helmet and then throwing a few knives with great accuracy at a picture of Mara, Soap, Price, Ghost and Tank, prominently hitting Tank. Later on, Templar intercepts Soap and Price. He grabs Soap by the throat and tosses him aside, when 2 SEALs attempt to intervene. Soap and Price devise a plan to take him down but it fails and he escapes after having a brief standoff with Price, leaving Soap mortally wounded.

In Season 13 - Wint3r War, Templar appears again on a base in Siberia, where Ghost had just discovered that Makarov is still alive, and agreed to take him in exchange of intel on the Five Knights. A short hustle occurs and Templar throws a knife into Ghost's wrist, wounding him, and then performing a coup de grâce. Templar is disappointed because he expected a warrior of equal strength, but instead he got a "Ghost". He then takes Ghost's mask as a souvenir, saying "That's one less loose end".

In Season 2: Day of Reckoning, Templar appears in his Royal Knight uniform, helping Raul Menendez to escape from Charly and her squad by killing them all, save Charly herself, whom he wounds with his throwing knife.

He later appears again, speaking with an unknown individual, likely his employer who is apparently the 5th Knight. The individual reprimands Templar for not being able to find Makarov. When he asks to find him, his employer tells him that Makarov isn't a priority anymore and that he has another misson for him, which he accepts.

Menendez, who under interrogation by Captain Price & Shepherd, reveals that Templar had been dispatched to Texas--the same hideout that Ghost apparently raided in the events of the first Seasonal Battle Pass comic, to uncover what he had missed out on.

Later on, it's revealed that Templar's assignment was merely a ploy; it's actually an ambush set up for the UAC members who have also embarked here on their mission to locate him. Templar, working alongside his consort Dame, kills the spec ops soldiers on their end, and then later engages Price and Mace singlehandedly while Dame deals with Charly and Rosa. During the scuffle, Templar throws a knife into Mace's hand just he did to Ghost and then proceeds to knock him and Price out with little difficulty.

He is later shown to have tied up the UAC operators to pillars so that they can't escape. He examines Rosa who appears to be unconscious, remarking that Dame might've hit her too hard, to which she replies that she thought the "Americans" would've had harder heads, but Price tells them that they aren't American, though Templar views it of little concern. When Dame looks upon Rosa believing that she is not actually unconscious, she is spat at by the latter, which angers Templar, causing him to punch Rosa. However, Rosa simply mocks him for having struck a nerve and Price agrees, stating that the mighty Templar seems to have a weakness, causing him to hold a knife to Price's eye and telling him to watch his mouth. Gabriel Rorke then appears, telling them that the operators haven't yet outlived their usefulness, and that he and Dame can have their "heartwarming reunion" afterwards.


• Peak Physical Conditioning:

Templar is at near-peak physical condition, as he is seen to outmaneuver multiple opponents in a short amount of time, which includes specialist UAC operators like Simon "Ghost" Riley, Soap, Charly and several spec ops soldiers single-handedly.

• Throwing Weapons Expert:

Templar is highly proficient and deadly accurate with throwing weapons, namely, his distinct kunai-like throwing knives; these knives are also apparently his primary weapons of choice instead of guns.

• Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant:

Templar is an expert at close quarters hand-to-hand combat, as he is seen to be utilizing his throwing knives (during his duel with Ghost) and his swords (during the ambush of Charly's squad). He is seen to be capable of killing multiple opponents without taking any significant damage himself.

• Strength and Agility

Templar possesses remarkable physical strength, as he was seen to slice Ghost's P90 in two with just two of his throwing knives; subsequently when charged by the former, Templar was easily able to disarm Ghost and use his own knife to stab him in the midsection fatally. During the ambush on Charly's squad at the Cordis Die operations base, the Templar is seen to swiftly eliminate multiple spec ops soldiers single-handedly.



  • The appearance of his armor is heavily based on the Predator armor.
  • His personality also resembles the Predator as both seem to collect "trophies" from fallen foes.

Templar's photograph.

  • Templar owns a photograph of the UAC Operators, implying that he has also been involved with them at one point. This is further confirmed when he meets Captain Price and says "How nice to see you again."
  • After he stabs Ghost and takes his mask, he says "That's one less loose end". This is a reference to an iconic quote from General Shepherd at the end of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 mission, Loose Ends.
  • Templar's Royal Knight uniform has the Five Knights' logo printed on his cape.
    • Despite his apparent membership in The Five Knights, he appears to be a gun for hire, as evidenced by his interactions with Dame as well as Gabriel Rorke, who heads the mercs.
  • Templar seems to be fond of knifes and hand to hand combat, as he rarely (if at all) uses firearms. The only instance when he did use once is when he meets Price and points his gun at him. Making Captain Price choose either to go after him or save Soap.


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