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  • First and foremost, if you're a fan/fanboy/liker/admirer of Black Ops and/or Treyarch, don't read this for your own good.
    • If you however do want to read this (you masochist), please remember that some, and probably most, of these are my opinions, not always factual.
  • This page could very well be not updated for a long time, and my opinions may have changed since. My intention is not to majorly edit this page anymore.
  • I dislike Treyarch and Black Ops, but it doesn't mean there isn't anything good about them. I like multiple things they've done good (for example, I love Black Ops II), but they wouldn't be listed here.
  • I try to keep this page as much relevant to Black Ops and Treyarch only and not take other games/developers into this, but exceptions apply.
  • Some things may be a little overboard. Don't take them too literally.
  • If you don't like swearing, I suggest don't read this.

Worst shooter-game EVER

Personal MLGisNot4Me Rage face

Me when playing Black Ops multiplayer.

As you can probably tell, I hate Black Ops. When it was announced, I was under the impression that it would be the greatest game ever and it would go where no Call of Duty had gone before. At first, it was addicting. But when I started realizing what was bad in it and that it wasn't that special, I got bored of it. Eventually, I started to notice that it was actually worse than Modern Warfare 2, which I thought to be garbage and a showcase of "IW's shit". I then gave Modern Warfare 2 a try, and I enjoyed it again (as I really much did in Summer 2010 before I knew much of Black Ops). I still occasionally played Zombies, because in my opinion, it's the best thing Treyarch made, and they succeeded in it, with a few exceptions (for example, latest maps filled with too much junk). Then after I while I tried Black Ops' multiplayer. It just felt so awkward I couldn't play it.

Personal MLGisNot4Me CoD cycle

The CoD cycle.

The "CoD cycle" didn't happen with Black Ops. At the time when Modern Warfare 3 was out, I should've hated Modern Warfare 3 and loved Black Ops. That was, and still is, the other way around.


I usually try to play for fun instead of winning. Of course I play for the objective with victory in mind, but I don't sacrifice my dignity to win. However, the enemy does, as is evident by oh-so many enemies I play against using fucking try-hard tactics, including excessive use of Famas, AK-74u w/ Rapid Fire, AUG, camping, dropshotting and whatever.

Where as in the games with less popularity due to them not being the most recent titles, I see people using a variety of guns (for example, people in Modern Warfare 2 use lots of other guns than just UMP45, OMA tube and ACR), whenever I take a look at Black Ops, I literally always get first killed by a Famas user with Ghost and Sleight of Hand when I'm lagging with a 2-bar connection because the glorious matchmaking puts to a server where the host is somewhere in LA or some other place on the other side of the world.

Even if the overpowered weapons were at least somehow balanced (such as by bringing Famas'/AUG's damage down to 30-20), the multiplayer still would be boring. When I try it (for God knows why), I can't even make an interesting class, because there are three types of guns: those that are boring and a pile of puke, those that are überpowered and boring and those that are fun but still a pile of puke. I'm the kind of person that doesn't want to use overpowered weapons (unless I someone uses them, in which case I use an overpowered weapon merely to get payback on him with that class), mainly because I don't want to be a douche. So, what do I do? Pick an interesting gun, but after a couple of matches I don't find anything interesting to do.

Here's a small list of things of what I hate in multiplayer and overall in the game.

The most major

  1. Black Ops was said to be very balanced pre-release.
  2. Ghost headshot Personal MLGisNot4Me Halo Ghost
  3. The Four:
    1. Famas = a Pack-a-Punched minigun in its element, the Famas fires extremely strong AP rounds with very high rate of fire that can annihilate an enemy with one touch even from million miles away. It also is known to be similar to ACR in that it is like a laser beam and has no recoil. The only bad side of this gun is that when used, it is wide to turn notifications off to avoid the rage messages from your enemies.
    2. AK74u = it is a normal, balanced gun. It has low recoil and high damage up close, but a strong damage drop-off at range, as well as a poor rate of fire. That is, of course, unless you use Rapid Fire, which turns this weapon into a complete rapist, as then it can be even better than the feared Famas. With Rapid Fire, the AK74u is like Famas with Steady Aim, Lightweight and Sleight of Hand Pro with only the cost of attachment slot and slightly lower minimal damage.
    3. AUG = this gun for its eye-ripping stats is incredibly underused. Barring the reload times and the tweaks that made Famas weaker in the nerf, this weapon is identical to Famas, now even better due to the lower recoil, higher ADS time, lower raise/drop times and narrower crosshairs.
    4. Galil = similar to the UMP45 in Modded Tubefail 2 Modern Warfare 2, the Galil can be a devastating WMD when used with the Suppressor. As its firing sound cannot be heard even when you stick your ear right next to the muzzle, you can potentially use it in every situation, taking note that it has very low recoil, a good fire rate and clean irons.
  5. Playing under 2-3 bar lag (which I counter very often) is impossible.
  6. At least two of the four above are used by (at least) three 8-year-old Ghost whores in every game
  7. Majority of the guns are boring. Those that are not, such as HK21, M14 or Skorpion are practically too weak to compete the boring and überpowered ones, such as The Four which majority of people use.
  8. No Stopping Power.
  9. The bad gun diversity (six of nine SMGs having 937,5 RPM and 30-20 damage as well as the same feel, seven of the ten assault rifles having 750 or 937,5 RPM and being 3-4 HK, three of the four sniper rifles being semi-automatic with the same firecap and almost the same damage, and four of the five pistols having the same damage)
  10. You can't actually unlock anything special (attachments, camouflages etc.) by using weapons.


  1. Challenges, they unlock nothing, when compared to MW2 where you get fancy titles and emblems.
  2. Lack of Prestige and secret challenges.
  3. Hit detection is awful.
  4. Second Chance is awesome! Wait what...
  5. Personal RedMist0765 Black Ops sucks
  6. Treyarch made WaW a good game, but with Blops they ruined the series.
  7. Treyarch's easter eggs (excluding Zombies) -> -_-
  8. 3D seriously?
  9. Sounding depressed and bored during battle doesn't make it very dramatic. I'd rather hear "ENEMY AC130 ABOVE!!1!" and "Dogs, coming right at us!" than "Enemy dogs incoming." and "Enemy Huey incoming.". Even Battlefield 3 has better voice acting.
  10. Spawn system.
  11. Camping.
    • Spawn camping.
    • Spawn camping in Demolition.
  12. I liked only two maps, the DLC ones were even worst than those that came with the game.
  13. No hiding from Blackbird, equals to enemies having wallhack for one minute.
  14. I remember there used to be cool killstreak rewards.
  15. Nuketown is overrated and was indeed the only map I could play during the first week of Black Ops.
  16. People whining "wel @ leest blak ops is balacnd modded gayfail 2.5 haz op wepons liek mp7 and acr becuz they hav no recol" when in most cases they're just trying to make Black Ops look better.
  17. Despite Treyarch's games being one of the goriest and most violent ones I've ever played, your Custom Class and clip/film names on Xbox can't be named even "wtf" because it's too profane. Other examples include "Assault", which has 'Ass' in it, or "Kiparis ExtMag" which has 's Ex' in it.
  18. Treyarch is too lazy...
    • make their own engines.
      • "...that Call of Duty 3 is the only game by Treyarch that was not based off of a modified IW engine?": that's why it flopped.
    • make more reload sounds, instead every gun in 3rd person uses AK74u's reload sound.
    • make weapon animations, and copies the ones IW made, let's take Dragunov, AK-47, M16-M16A4 and M14-M14 EBR for example.
    • do research on guns' manufacturing dates.
    • be inspirational on certain features, and instead taking many elements from previous games.
  19. Grenade throw range is ridiculously low.
  20. It took me fucking ages to get Warlord Pro, and I still have to struggle with getting Flak Jacket Pro, because no one uses frags.
  21. Where's character customization we were promised?
  22. Face paints. Useless, and most of them suck.
  23. Treyarch made the pistols just like in WaW: four regular pistols that are clones of each other and one revolver, with M1911 being the worst of these five.
  24. You unlock your first (and only) bolt-action at level 27.
  25. That stupid mouth's movement in third person.
  26. Customizable emblems were at first cool, but they lost their value after people started making penises and swastikas.
  27. No reason to go for headshots.
  28. The main menu is cool, but takes a shitload of RAM for a menu.
  29. The whole game sucks even more on PS3 (no fanboyism intended), mainly due to worse audio and more framerate and connection lag.
  30. No flag for Finland in the playercard.
  31. Personal MLGisNot4Me Bill O'Reilly Famas AUG
    You can't see your stats in multiplayer until you've reached level 13.
  32. Square Red Dot Sight > circular Red Dot Sight
  33. Thermal Scope > IR Scope
  34. You have to risk CoD Points logo BO2000 just to be able to find out if a weapon is good.
  35. Some people say IW barely patches their guns. Well, at least it took them only one month (for both Model 1887 and FMG9) instead of seven and leaving that gun's clone untouched. IW also supports underpowered weapons by giving them a little buff.
  36. Same sights, same sights everywhere!
  37. The underbarrel attachments (barring Grip) are crap.
"Treyarch nerfing things never actually does anything; when they nerfed the grip on the AK74u, people, rather than using new guns, just slapped on rapid fire instead which just made the problem worse. It'll be the same with the Famas, give it a couple of weeks and it'll be the AUG everyone is using instead."

"Someone with an Uzi killed a developer's father. This is his way of getting revenge."
RagingAmish saying how much Uzi sucks

"ummm i was just on mw2 and all you get killed by is noob tubes umps and quick scopers and i hate people who sit and complain about OP guns what do you expect people to run around with mac11s just cuz people get overly upset cuz your actually using good guns P.S AUG is the best BO gun your just jealous cuz you cant use it"
— under the effects of BO fanboyism (see the hypocrisy).


I think singleplayer is average. It was fun to play through, Veteran wasn't impossible when opposed to Grenades at War, Reznov's comeback, all that stuff. Still, it wasn't clearly as epic and delivering as those in Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Halo: Reach, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Portal 2 etc. Some things stayed unexplained, such as the JFK thingy at the end, what did the numbers really mean and so forth. Out of ten, 7. The list of what I mainly hate specifically in singleplayer:

  1. Over-repeated quotes:
    • "Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner... ALL must die!"
    • "I keep hearing the FUCKING NUMBERS!!"
    • "The numbers, Mason. What do they mean?"
  2. Fail subtitle censor. 'Fuck' is sometimes censored and sometimes not, but they can always be heard.
  3. Every playable character is American (excluding Reznov in Project Nova)
  4. Only one campaign as opposed to the usual separate British and American campaigns
  5. Kravchenko always has the same face, doesn't speak and is a pet of Dragovich
  6. Steiner (along his troops) shows the true will of Nazis; rather surrender than die for your country with honor
  7. Bowman surely wasn't based on other characters.
  8. Only one mission in Cuba.
  9. I didn't notice any references to Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down.
  10. No cliffhanger ending.
  11. You can't see on what difficulty you have completed a mission, it actually made me play Rebirth two times on Veteran.
  12. Vorkuta, Project Nova and Revolutions are the only epic missions.
  13. Why hire an Australian to act an American?
  14. Infinitely spawning enemies are back.


Zombies! The only upside of Black Ops for me. It's fun to play, and I still like it more than Survival Mode, hands down. I mainly play Call of the Dead because I like the characters, size of the map, easiness and available weapons, and some other things too. At least it doesn't have:

However, I sometimes play Ascension. It's still nice, because I like the theme, easy rapetrain spot, Thundergun and Gersch Device, and all that. One thing, and only major thing I hate about this map is space monkeys. I can't select good perks in peace, because I know every approximately five rounds those assholes come to take them away. Surely I sometimes kill them all and get a free perk, but that always ends up to be Speed Cola or Stamin-Up, and I can't defend those at the same time as Juggernog. Plus the fact that you have to have all perk locations open to Pack-a-Punch, leaving no option to get a perk so that it'd be safe from monkeys.

Still, even though I love zombies, here's the list of things in specifically Zombies.

  1. Double swipe when you don't have Juggernog.
  2. Lunge-knifing a zombie usually means you're fucked.
  3. Bad connection is like kicking the chair off when the rope is on your neck.
  4. If I'm the host, other players are 2-3 bar, and they're really laggy. Alternative: I'm not the host, and I'm 2 bar.
  5. After round 30, nothing is effective at killing except Wonder Weapons.
  6. Teammates in matchmaking.
  7. Retarded matchmaking system.
  8. Lack of WaW weapons.
  9. Wunderwaffe doesn't feel the same as in WaW.
    • The PaP'd version can't kill 24 zombies with one shot unlike in WaW.
  10. Space Monkeys.
  11. Underpowered sniper rifles.
  12. There's 5-8 perks to choose from, but you can buy only four.
  13. Where's the Pack-a-Punched MPL with Suppressor, Reflex Sight and Dual Mags we saw in the CotD trailer?
  14. Undead, stupid creatures can climb some fences and obstacles and jump incredibly high distances, but a living, smart human can't.
  15. The Pack-a-Punched Death Machine only operates as such in multiplayer, but it's afraid of zombies, and so as to not anger them, it only shoots peas. [1]
  16. What happened to the objective being "survive"? Oh yeah, Verrückt came out.
  17. Treyarch is starting to make has made zombies overkill. Kino der Toten and maybe Ascension have the right formula, but Moon for example is just a crapload of everything loaded into one game mode.
  18. Sarah Michelle Gellar sounds awfully manly when landing, again proving Treyarch's laziness.
  19. Spaceman cosmonauts, scientist, screamers and those thingies on fire
  20. Maps after Call of the Dead don't have traps.
  21. Getting the Random Perk Bottle is impossible on Shangri-La and Moon.
  22. Treyarch favors people that have the possibility to play and communicate with four players and do the major easter eggs.
  23. Lack of Double Tap Root Beer in Ascension.
  24. Glitches.
    • Moon is full of some weird ass glitches, including teleportation ones (stand in front of the pyramid in the corner and jump) and one to stop me from completing the easter egg's longer version with my friend (the Vril Generator didn't go between the two plates).
    • I got the Lightning Bolt in CotD, and after it ran out of ammo, it didn't go away. I had no way of switching back to my Scavenger. That led me to my death at round 35 when I went for a new record.
    • I did a round skip glitch twice... in one game.
    • An invisible zombie.
    • The round not changing when all zombies were killed, forcing you to restart.
  25. Aim assist can't be disabled, which has led to my death more than once.
  26. Colt is a piece of crap.
  27. No trophy for fully completing Richtofen's Grand Scheme.
  28. Why are there zombies in Pentagon?
  29. "A completely new zombie experience" -> new characters and fog.

Final conclusion

  • Multiplayer: "Like the fist of Stalin... up your ass." [2]
  • Singleplayer: could've been better, but still I enjoy to play it when I do.
  • Nazi Zombies: the only reason why I haven't sold the game.


  1. Idea 99% from TWC's Featured Article.
  2. - Nikolai Belinski.
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