For the multiplayer map in the same airport, see Terminal (map).
"Pummel your way through enemy riot shield ambushes."
Spec Ops description

Terminal is the fourth Special Ops mission in the Delta series of ops and the nineteenth mission overall. It takes place in Zakhaev International Airport, where "No Russian" and the multiplayer map Terminal take place. The player goes through the same path but opposite direction compared to "No Russian".

The Infinity Ward best time for Terminal is 36.4 seconds, as it is possible to sprint past the ambushes and reach the extraction zone by sticking to the stair railings, even on Veteran.


The player, an Army Ranger caught in the Zakhaev International Airport massacre, must fight through several ambushes while trying to get to the extraction point.

There are several waves of FSB troops in this mission, which are triggered at specific points in the level; standard infantry and specialized riot units. All enemies will pursue the player relentlessly, and can be very dangerous to deal with on harder difficulties. Due to the relentless pressure by enemies, picking up a Riot Shield is a good choice in absorbing enemy bullets and making a dash to the extraction point.

Riot Shield using FSB soldiers are the primary threat in this mission, as like the common soldier, they will relentlessly pursue the player until they are killed. Players must use either explosives or disorient them by throwing flashbangs or careful shots to exposed parts in order to kill them. Claymores are also provided for the player.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout
Initial area
Found in level

These weapons can be found with and without attachments.



  • At the beginning of the level when the second wave of FSB is triggered from the second level, the elevator beside the staircase is destroyed by explosives. This is likely as the map is shared directly with "No Russian" where Vladimir Makarov tosses a grenade in the elevator to eliminate the Zakhaev Airport Security, so this explosive sequence remained programmed in the Special Ops. The multiplayer level Terminal is actually a different layout.
  • The mission title screen on the Spec Ops menu has an airport security guard taking cover in the background despite the fact that none appear within the level.
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