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"A new battleground where universes collide. A vengeful ally from the depths of darkness. And a mission to break an ancient curse. Escaping Stalingrad was only the start..."
— Mission Briefing

Terra Maledicta (Latin: Cursed Earth) is a Zombies experience featured in Call of Duty: Vanguard that was released on February 14th, 2022, with the Season Two of content for the game.


Terra Maledicta takes place throughout multiple locations including an oasis in Egypt's Eastern Desert serving as the map hub, Berlin and the Dark Aether itself.

The Allied operatives managed to escape the containment spell around Stalingrad with the help of a new ally, Vercanna while a new enemy Zaballa try to stop them. Like in Der Anfang, they continue to complete various objective to open up more areas around the oasis where the Scepter of Kortifex was found. With each objective completed, the difficulty will increase as the "world grows harder".

Features such as the Demonic Fountains, the Altar of Covenants, and the Tome of Rituals return in Terra Maledicta. The map also reintroduces Dig Spots which can be dug up using a Shovel to obtain loot and quest items.


There are a total of six objectives in Terra Maledicta.


Inviktor tasks the player with holding out in a sectioned-off area for a certain amount of time with the goal of surviving as long as possible until extraction, while killing as many enemies as possible to weaken Kortifex' power.


Saraxis tasks the player with fighting zombies in a sectioned-off area, with the goal of killing enemies to drop Runestones. The Runes must be deposited into a Sin Eater obelisk, allowing the Elder God to feast on the "sins" in the Runes and restore her powers. Each player can carry up to 5 Runes and need to deposit between 5 and 9 Runes in the Sin Eater depending on the number of players in a match. Once the Sin Eater is full, it will move to another location in the area. The Runes need to be deposited a total of three times.


Bellekar, with the aid of Gabriel Krafft, uses a device consisting of a floating zombie head and a rune-sealed transmitter, with the goal of contacting allies within the Dark Aether to assist against Kortifex. Players are tasked with escorting the zombie head across the map, all the while fighting off enemies and staying in an area of effect.


Norticus tasks the player with securing several Control Runes under which lie Augmentors, aethereal worms that empower Kortifex's spell. The player has 2 minutes to capture Control Runes whose numbers depend on the number of players within a match. If all the Control Runs aren't captured before the time runs out, many zombies will spawn and the players will have to eliminate all of them. The number of zombies that spawn depend on the number of Control Runes secured.


After the Tome of Rituals page is acquired, the Void portal can be found in the Debris Field and will remain open throughout the match. The player is systematically transported to the Dark Aether location. The player has to survive endless waves of zombies, each getting harder than the previous one. After three rounds, the player has the option to either Flee or Survive. If the player chooses to flee, they will be transported back to the oasis and will receive a Sacrificial Heart. If the player chooses to survive, they will receive 5000 Essence every three rounds. When the player has stayed a total of 12 rounds in the Void, their Perks won't fall below Tier II when downed for the remaining of the match.


Vercanna tasks the player with preventing zombies from sacrificing themselves to Syphoncores, which would open rifts and release a massive amount of enemies. Three Syphoncores spawn around the area with only one active at a time. Zombies willing to sacrifice themselves appears with a red mist. When they are next to a Syphoncore, they will start to float and lose their health until they are killed filling the Syphoncore. A Syphoncore is fulled after five zombies sacrificied themselves. Once the timer has run out and the player has succesfully prevented the Syphoncores to be filled, the last Syphoncore will spawn loot including salvage, equipments and weapons. If all the Syphoncores are filled, the objective is failed and all the players in the area are killed.



Mystery Box

Demonic Fountains

Easter Eggs

Story Event

The Story Event for Terra Maledicta involves freeing the Decimator Shield and freeing the lost page of the Tome of Rituals.

  1. The player must make their way to Merchant Road near the trapped Decimator Shield, triggering a dialogue sequence.
  2. After completing another objective, they must head to the Tents and interact with the speaking stone near Demonic Frenzy which will cause a portal to spawn, leading them to the Corrupted Lands where they must complete a Purge objective.
  3. They must then shoot four yellow glowing crystals near the hub. After the crystals are destroyed, the player can head to the Bazaar and interact with the speaking stone near Diabolical Damage which spawns another portal to the Corrupted Lands, where the player must do a Sacrifice objective.
  4. Afterwards, they can head back to Merchant Road to pick up the Decimator Shield.
  5. The player must then head to the Debris Field and interact with the speaking stone near Venomous Vigor which will spawn another portal. The player will be thrust into a Void objective, during which they must use the Decimator Shield to slam four glowing body parts which contain the Tome Page. Once this is complete the player can pick up the Tome Page, and return to spawn to claim their rewards (four chests, two piles of random loot and 10,000 xp upon first completion).

Easter Eggs

  • At the Outpost Courtyard, there's a secret room locked behind a Kortifex rune. The player can unlock this room by using the Shovel and digging up 4 tome pages from dig piles across the map. Once the player has dug all the pages, they need to interact with the rune and put the pages in the correct order to unlock the room. The secret room usually houses only a Death Machine, but on rare occasions it will contain a Ray Gun if it was dug up by the player.
  • If the player digs up an Antenna, they can place the Antenna at a comms table at Merchant Road, spawning a horde of Boom Schreier. They can then rotate antennas at three more locations (at the Bazaar near Diabolical Damage, at the Debris Field near Venomous Vigor, or at Market Storage) in any order they wish. The first two rotations will spawn more Boom Schreiers, but the third will spawn a horde of Sturmkriegers. The last Sturmkrieger killed during this will drop a loot chest.


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