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:For the character in [[Call of Duty]], see [[Brooks]]
{{quote|Hudson, we need to keep this quiet.|Brooks tu Hudson before the assault on the base.}}
|name = Terrance Brooks
|name = Terrance Brooks

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For the character in Call of Duty, see Brooks
"Hudson, we need to keep this quiet."
— Brooks tu Hudson before the assault on the base.

Terrance[2] Brooks is a CIA field operative that appears in the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign missions "Executive Order" and "WMD." He is also heard over the comms in "Redemption" if the subtitles are enabled but he is not physically seen in the level.


Brooks is first seen in "Executive Order" with Bowman taking out a guard in disguise. The two join up with Frank Woods and Alex Mason to save Weaver and sabotage "Soyuz Two." They rescue Weaver before Brooks splits from the squad with Bowman to hunt down the Ascension group.

Brooks is later shown in "WMD" with Jason Hudson, Grigori Weaver, and Bruce Harris infiltrating a Soviet Union base in 1968. Later on, the squad splits up, with Weaver and Brooks rappelling through a window while Hudson and Harris exits via the door down to the other walkway. As Hudson is exiting through a doorway, Brooks and a Russian soldier are struggling on the walkway, before Brooks gets the upper hand throwing him off the side to his death.
Terrance Brooks

Brooks in "Executive Order"

Later in the mission Harris is killed after falling from a walkway as the squad are forced to escape an avalanche. They discover that Nova-6 has been weaponized and targets are marked across the United States of America; the base is also rigged to explode. After the explosion, the mountain collapses on itself and Brooks, Hudson and Weaver make it out in time.

He is heard in "Redemption" while Mason and Hudson are protecting Yankee squad from the Hip. He does not, however, make a physical appearance within this level.

His username to log into the terminal is "TBROOKS" and the password is LAUREN. He is having an affair with Dr. Adrienne Smith as noted in several E-mails.


  • He and Weaver are the only characters that served both Mason and Hudson in Black Ops (Mason in Executive Order and Hudson in WMD)
  • In Executive Order, Brooks shares the same Russian military disguise outfit as Bowman.
  • During early production Brooks is seen wearing a balaclava in WMD; however Harris is the one who wears the balaclava in the final version. Brooks is seen wearing a beanie instead.
  • In the Multiplayer Maps that are in Vietnam (Jungle, Hanoi and Cracked), or simply the SOG team model, Brooks's face is used on the Hardline perk's character model.
  • There is a glitch in "WMD" when Brooks, Weaver and Harris are waiting for Hudson to disable the relay dish, Brooks will become a statue. No matter where the player shoots or knifes him he will have no reaction whatsoever. The sound of knifing Brooks is similar to the sound of knifing a wall. However, he will still move occasionally. When the player points his/her cross-hairs and shoot at him his name will still appear. After the player disables the dish, he will continue the mission as normal. Also, he will still run away when the player throws a grenade near him. (confirmed on PC)


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