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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For its trap equivalent, see Tesla Anti-Air Defense System.
For similar traps, see Electro-Shock Defenses and Electric Trap.

The Tesla Trap is a buildable in Extinction, first found on Mayday.


When constructed, the Tesla Trap can be placed in a fashion similar to an I.M.S. on the ground. While active, the Tesla Trap will periodically shock nearby Cryptids. The Tesla Trap usually needs more than a second before it can shock another nearby cryptid.

The Tesla Trap is very powerful and has a moderately long range of effect. Tesla Traps are capable of killing medium-health targets like scorpions and hunters in one hit. Cryptids bulkier than that will require additional hits to kill, but the Tesla Trap will still deal significant damage to them. The Tesla Trap will expire after a few minutes of being active. Because it is electronic, it can be destroyed by the Kraken with its EMP pulsing roar, but it can be shielded behind cover to prevent that from happening.

The Tesla Trap is one of the only schematics that has multiple variants. In the Tesla Trap's case, these variants are visually distinguished by the number of pylons present in the middle. Variants are determined by what type of battery the player acquires when building the Tesla Trap. The Basic Tesla Trap is gotten through using a Cell Battery, and only has a single pylon. It is weaker than the other variants of Tesla Trap. A Medium Tesla Trap is gotten through using a Liquid Battery, and an Advanced Tesla Trap is acquired through using a Nucleic Battery, the same one that's used when constructing the Venom-X and its variants. Because the Venom-X also requires a Nucleic Battery, finding a spare Nucleic Battery whilst building the Venom-X can help to ensure that an Advanced Tesla Trap can be made.

A player may only have one Tesla Trap active, but multiple Tesla Traps can still be active if multiple players have constructed, crafted, and deployed them. If the player crafts another Tesla Trap while a Tesla Trap the player owns is active, the active Tesla Trap will de-spawn. Tesla Traps can be linked together by putting them in close proximity to one another.

Schematic Locations[]

  • Mayday: Located just before the cargo area, near the break room and row of weapon lockers.
  • Awakening: Its location is randomized each game.
  • Exodus: Located in the car garage, right next to the previously closed gate.


  • Amolecular Magnet
  • Wire
  • Cell Battery, Liquid Battery or Nucleic Battery


  • Basic Tesla trap - Cell Battery, Amolecular Magnet and Some Wire
  • Medium Tesla Trap - Liquid Battery, Amolecular Magnet and Some Wire
  • Advanced Tesla Trap - Nucleic Battery, Amolecular Magnet and Some Wire



  • When deployed, the Tesla Trap makes the same noise as the I.M.S. when it is deployed.