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For similar traps, see Electro-Shock Defenses and Electric Trap.

The Tesla Trap is a buildable in the Extinction map Mayday. Its Schematics are found after defeating one of the Kraken's tentacles for the first time on the same bench as the Hypno Trap. When deployed, it will shock Cryptids that are around it periodically. There are three different Tesla Traps that can be constructed, indicated by the number of pylons in the center. As seen in the trailer, Tesla Traps can be connected when placed near each other.


  • Amolecular Magnet
  • Wire
  • Cell Battery, Liquid Battery or Nucleic Battery


  • Basic Tesla trap - Cell Battery, Amolecular Magnet and Some Wire
  • Medium Tesla Trap - Liquid Battery, Amolecular Magnet and Some Wire
  • Advanced Tesla Trap - Nucleic Battery, Amolecular Magnet and Some Wire


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