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"The Battle of Bure" is the ninth campaign mission in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts.


The screen fades in as Sgt. Maddock and Cpl. Taylor are conversing about Captain Randall's pinned-down squad while they are escorted near an abandoned building in a Horch 1a. As they were talking a Sd. Kfz. 251 half-track ambushes and forces them to take cover in a nearby abandoned house. The squad then cleared out the group of Wehrmacht soldiers supporting the half-track from behind. Tom Sharpe is then told to take out the half-track by planting TNT on its back. As the squad proceeds they take out a German machine gun emplacement, they then find themselves pinned-down by a German Panzer and hold out their position until a friendly airstrike takes it out. The squad progresses through the town until they run into Randall at a church's graveyard. Without too much time to breath, a German garrison flanks them from all sides and Tom Sharpe is ordered to fend them off with the mounted machine guns. After a few minutes of fighting, a Horch 1a helps them move out of the battlefield. Not to be given a break, the squad is tailed by another German Panzer. They drive over a bridge, Cpl.Taylor gets out of the Horch 1a and plants TNT on the bridge, blows it up and they evade the enemy tank. Capt. Randall then thanks them by saying he'll see to it they get rewarded by the division.


Call of Duty World At War – Final Fronts - Mission 10 - Battle of Bure-0
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