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"Beyond the edge of space... beyond the edge of fear..."
— Tagline

The Beast from Beyond is the fifth and final Zombies map in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and part of the Retribution map pack, released on PS4 on September 12, 2017. This map features the Cryptids from Call of Duty Ghosts' Extinction mode.[1]


"The Beast from Beyond, the final chapter of the five-part Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare zombies experience, features the return of Willard Wyler, the enigmatic movie director villain portrayed with voice and likeness by Paul Reubens (Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, Gotham). Wyler once again has trapped the four protagonists inside an all-new horror film, now set in a desolate military station on a distant ice planet. As players begin to discover more and more infected crew members, they’ll need to battle hordes of the undead to uncover the truth and escape Wyler’s films once and for all. The Beast from Beyond also features new weapons, traps and more, in addition to the hallmark Call of Duty action, with Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Austin Powers) as “Poindexter;” Ike Barinholtz (Neighbors, Suicide Squad) as “AJ;” Jay Pharoah (White Famous, Saturday Night Live) as “Andre;” and Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live, Inside Amy Schumer) as “Sally,” all making a return from the ongoing story."
— Official Description

The Beast from the Beyond is set at two distinguishing locations. The first is located within the film, at an abandoned military facility on a distant planet far in the future. The second is set within Wyler's theater and its surrounding alleyways in the ruined New York City in the present time.

Unlike the other maps, the Zombies will not begin to spawn until N31L's head has been installed into the mainframe. Until that is achieved, the players will be attacked by the Cryptids. The player is also given the OSA as the starting weapon instead of the Kendall 44.

The map features the Entangler weapon that plays a very specific role during the Main Quest. The Venom-X also returns from the Extinction.



The players spawn together on a raised platform in Staging. The room features the Oni and Stallion .44 on the wall, both of which cost 750 points. There are two doors in the room that branch off to different paths. The door to the left of Up 'N Atoms, which costs 750 points, will bring the player to the Water Treatment plant. The other door, which is near the computer terminal that the player inserts N31L's head into, also costs 750 points and brings the player through the Mess Hall and into a hallway that has more doors. A portal to Wyler's theater can be found directly above the Magic Wheel in the room, which is to the right of the Oni.

The room also contains a special monitor above the Stallion .44, which shows the current location of the Magic Wheel inside the base.

Mess Hall / Hallway

The Mess Hall is a relatively small room. The room has an Erad wallbuy on a table for 1250 points and the Fridge Lure Trap, which costs 750 points to activate. A non-rebuildable window can be found to the right of the trap and directly across from the window is an open doorway to the Hallway.

Inside the Hallway is a Magic Wheel location, the Proteus, which is available for 1250 points, the door to the Cargo Bay, which also costs for 1250 points and a door that leads outside for 2000 points. A staircase next to the Proteus takes the player up a level and leads to a 1250 point doorway that heads to the Ops Center.

Above the Magic Wheel in the Hallway to the right is a fuse box, which when shot or meleed, will reveal two uncharged Alien Fuses.

Water Treatment

The Water Treatment plant is a room that has the whole floor covered with a small layer of water. Because of this, the player cannot slide or go into prone while standing in the water. On the wall in the room is a Karma-45 wallbuy and the Electrocution Trap for 750 points, with the switches being found inside the room and in the hallway connecting the Staging to the plant. To the right of the activation switch on the staircase inside the room is a 1000 point door that leads to the Medical Bay.

Medical Bay

Opening the 1000 point door in the Water Treatment plant will bring the player to the lower level of the Medical Bay, where Blue Bolts and a piece for the bridge to the Pack-a-Punch Machine is location leaning to the right of Blue Bolts. Going up the stairs will bring the player to the first part of the Medical Bay, where a dead Cryptid is tied onto a table and a 750 point door to the Ops Center is found. The second part of the Medical Bay blocked off by two forcefields, which can be disabled by launching an astronaut helmet at one of the terminals within the forcefield room with the use of the Entangler.

Ops Center

The Ops Center is one of the largest rooms of the map. The room connects the Staging, Medical Bay, Hallway and Exterior together. Directly in front of the doorway to the Medical Bay is a large hole surrounded by debris. On the debris is the DCM-8, which can be bought for 1250 points. Within the hole is a green ledge while at the bottom is several sharp pieces of rebar, which will instantly kill the player if they land on it. Jumping onto the green ledge will bring the player into a small cave which contains Tuff 'Nuff. At the end of the tunnel brings the player onto a catwalk above the Water Treatment plant, where N31L's head can be found in the bottom left corner of the window at the end of the catwalk. There are also two breaches on the railings of the catwalk, allowing the player to drop back into the Water Treatment plant.

To the left of the debris and hole is a staircase that leads to the 1250 point doorway that heads to the Hallway. There is also a small catwalk section of this room that contains Bang Bangs next to the doorway to the Hallway, a small pathway that brings the player back to Staging, and the EBR-800 wallbuy for 1250 points can be found on a wall alongside the catwalk.

The other part of the room contains a container near the center of the room, which has the R3K wallbuy for 1500 points leaning against it, Bombstoppers, a Magic Wheel location, a 1250 point door to the right of the Magic Wheel that leads the player to a small hallway which contains a portal to Wyler's theater, the second doorway blocked off by a forcefield that leads into the second part of the Medical Bay and the Laser Grid Trap for 750 points.

To the left of Bombstoppers is another staircase which brings the player to a small control room, which is used to later obtain the Venom-X. There is also another 2000 point doorway within the control room which leads outside.

Exterior / Portal Array

The Exterior area is where the portal to the Pack-a-Punch Machine is located. There are several other things within the area, such as another Magic Wheel location, the G-Rail, which can be bought for 1250 points, Change Chews, the Raining Acid Trap, which can be activated for 750 points and a large machine that is used for upgrading the Venom-X and opening a small rift to the past for the Turnstile piece. To the right of the large machine is a broken bridge that leads to the Portal Array, a small glacier containing the portal to the Pack-a-Punch Machine. Once the player obtains all three bridge pieces, they can fix the bridge and have access to the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

Within the Projector Room is a computer when N31L's head goes during the main easter egg. There is also a new slot in-between the two film reels on the projector, which is where the film reel for Zombies in Spaceland is inserted.

Cargo Bay

The Cargo Bay can be accessed from the 1250 point door to the right of the Proteus in the Hallway. The whole room is a giant square with different levels. When first entering the room, there is a P-LAW wallbuy for 1000 points to the right of the door and a button to the left which is used to open the portal to Wyler's theater, but can only be activated once N31L's head is installed into the terminal in Staging. At the lowest level of the Cargo Bay is where the Entangler spawns once the player has obtained the second skull for Skullbreaker, as well as Trail Blazers and another piece for the bridge to Pack-a-Punch tucked in-between the staircase leading up a level and a container. On the level below the doorway leading to the Hallway is another Magic Wheel location, as well as an X-Eon wallbuy for 1500 points on the side of a container. On the other side of the room is another staircase which leads to the portal to Wyler's theater.

Afterlife Theater

Going through the portal in the Cargo Bay will bring the player to the viewing room of Wyler's theater the real world. A Magic Wheel location is directly to the right of the portal on the bigscreen. The Movie Wormhole Trap for 1250 points can be found in front of the bigscreen, the VPR can be found on the wall for 1250 points on the rightmost wall and Quickies can be found at the end of the center aisle. There are two 1250 point doors in the room that brings the player to two different parts of the theater. The one closest to the bigscreen will bring the player to the East Alley while the other by Quickies will bring the player to the main part of the theater. There is also a emergency evacuation map of the area, which shows the location of the Magic Wheel within the areas of the theater.

In the East Alley is a portal which when approached will activate and link to the spawn room, the M.2187 wallbuy for 1250 points and Racin' Stripes in the corner of the alley next to the 1250 point door that connects the alleyway with the main part of the theater.

Inside the main part of the theater is a hallway that brings the player to two different parts of the theater. Going left at the intersection after the cardboard cutouts of a Brute and Sasquatch will bring the player to a small bathroom which has 1250 point door which heads to the West Alley containing Mule Munchies and going right at the intersection will bring the player into the real world Afterlife Arcade, which contains a Magic Wheel location, Skullbreaker, the withdrawl part of the Bank and the Fate and Fortune Dealer. To the left of the dealer on the counter is a film reel for Zombies in Spaceland, which is used to help charge the Alien Fuses. There is also a 1500 point door that leads outside of the theater.

Outside of the theater is the Main Street, which contains a KBS Longbow wallbuy on the side of a dumpster for 1000 points, Deadeye Dewdrops, a Magic Wheel location and another way to the West Alley that contains Mule Munchies across from Deadeye Dewdrops. The deposit part of the Bank is located at the Ticket Booth at the entrance to the theater. The last part for the bridge to Pack-a-Punch can be found crushing a car to the right of a portal. Going up to the portal will turn it on, connecting it to the hallway containing the Laser Grid Trap in the Ops Center.


Starting Weapons
Off-Wall Weapons
Magic Wheel

Candy Perks

Candy Perks


Name Description Points Trophy Level Image
Broken Record (Secret) In The Beast from Beyond, unlock the hidden song. 15Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png BrokenRecord Trophy Icon IW.png
Cracking Skulls In The Beast from Beyond, complete Skullbreaker. 20Gamerscore.png Silver Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png CrackingSkulls Trophy Icon IW.png
Double Feature (Secret) In The Beast from Beyond, return to the theater. 15Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png DoubleFeature Trophy Icon IW.png
Egg Slayer (Secret) In The Beast from Beyond, equip the Venom-X. 20Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png EggSlayer Trophy Icon IW.png
Encryption Decryption (Secret) In The Beast from Beyond, Pack-a-Punch the Venom-X twice. 25Gamerscore.png Silver Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png EncryptionDecryption Trophy Icon IW.png
Failed Maintenance In The Beast from Beyond, kill zombies with every trap. 15Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png FailedMaintenance Trophy Icon IW.png
Friends Forever (Secret) In The Beast from Beyond, fully restore N31L. 20Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png FriendsForever Trophy Icon IW.png
Message Sent (Secret) In The Beast from Beyond, send the Turnstile back to the past. 15Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png MessageSent Trophy Icon IW.png
Super Duper Combo (Secret) When playing Skullbreaker, build a combo of size 10 or larger. 25Gamerscore.png Bronze Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png SuperDuperCombo Trophy Icon IW.png
The End? In The Beast from Beyond, collect the final piece of the Soul Key. 30Gamerscore.png Silver Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png TheEnd Trophy Icon IW.png

Intro Cutscene Transcript

Intro Cutscene Transcript

Wyler: Previously on Zombies...

The text "Previously on Zombies" appears on a black screen, as a short recap of Attack of the Radioactive Thing is shown, with the actors arriving on scene in black and white, up to the Radioactive Thing's death and the retrieval of the Soul Key, ending at the crew morphing into a new setting in outer space inside a spaceship headed for an ice planet.

Sally: A spaceship? Uhh, who the hell's flying this thing?

Andre: Yeah, 'cuz it ain't me! It must be on some kind of auto-pilot or some shit!

A.J.: Where the hell are we, and where is this thing taking us, P-Dex?

Poindexter puts his hands on his head, his face showing nervousness.

Poindexter: Oh man, oh man, oh man, no, no, no, this can't be!

Sally: Enough with the scare tactics! Details, and fast, Poindexter!

The spaceship continues to head toward the planet. It is then shown flying above an ice mountain range, in heavy snow.

Poindexter: This location... it looks familiar, like one of the five movies I mentioned in Radioactive Thing. But I can't think of any other film in Willard's library that fits.

The spaceship then arrives at a military outpost hidden away.

Andre: What five movies, man!?! Spit it out!

Poindexter: Extinction.

A.J.: Extinction? Well that sounds like a real party... NOT.

The spaceship lands inside an underground base. The four actors then move inside the facility, each equipped with an OSA rifle.

Poindexter: This looks like the underground research facility in Nightfall... But something's different about this installation. That movie took place on Earth, so I'm not exactly sure what this place is. It's like a rewrite, or a remake.

Sally: A rewrite? This whole damn place is about to get a rewrite!

Andre: Look man, we came here for one thing: the last piece of that key. And I ain't come all this way to be scared off by Willard's brain-dead brigade!

The screen fades to black, as the actors are heard changing outfits. They are then seen entering the base, now wearing new attires. Each of them then ready their rifles.

Poindexter: If I'm right, zombies are gonna be the least of our problems in this place.

The screen fades black as the cutscene ends.

Outro Cutscenes Transcripts

Ending Scene 1 Transcript

Poindexter picks up the final Soul Key piece from the dead Mammoth. A portal then appears behind them, and teleports them back to the theater. Willard Wyler then approaches the four.

Wyler: You've done it! My goodness! You've finally done it!

A.J.: Yeah, we've finally done it, alright. We just got one more thing to do.

Andre and A.J. then approach Wyler, who looks frightened, and grab him by his arms.

Wyler: Unhand me this instance! Give me a moment to explain! Don't you understand what is taking place?!

Andre: Shut up! We're sick of you, your lies, and all this voodoo bullshit!

Sally and Poindexter follow up behind them.

Sally: It's time for a taste of your own medicine, you sick bastard.

The four then take Wyler toward the cinema room, with the "Zombies in Spaceland" banner on top of the door.

Wyler: You have no idea of the magnitude of what you're dealing with! You-you must listen, or all hope will be lost!

Wyler is thrown inside the room, and the door is then shut. A.J. then blocks the door with his own body.

A.J.: You know what to do, Poindexter.

Poindexter then runs off, while Sally and Andre assist A.J. in blocking the door. Wyler continues banging on the doors.

Wyler: Agh, I beg of you! Listen for a mere moment!

Poindexter opens the door to the projector room.

Poindexter: Zombies in Spaceland, now starring Willard Wyler!

Poindexter turns on the projector. The screen inside the room begins to suck Wyler in.

Wyler: Please, no! You'll only make matters worse than they already appear to be! Countless souls are at stake! We must work together! AAHHH!!!

Bright lights shine through the cinema room door, as Sally, Andre and A.J. stand outside. The light then stops.

Sally: Is... is this nightmare over? Are we finally free?

Poindexter then returns, panting.

A.J.: I don't care to find out! Let's just get the hell out of this place while we can!

The four approach the exit door. Andre attempts to open the door.

Andre: Hnnnnngh... it won't budge!

The scene zooms in on Sally's face.

Sally: Why in the hell won't it open?!

The scene zooms out and reveals all four actors wearing Wyler's outfit.

Andre: What in the hell is going on, man!?!

Poindexter: Oh no... what have we done??

The four then repeatedly bang on the doors as they cry out for help. Outside the theater, zombies roam the raining streets. The scene then fades to black...

Mephistopheles: You have served thy master well. Your death was merely the beginning.

Mephistopheles can be heard laughing maniacally.

Ending Scene 2 Transcript

The four actors continue to attempt to open the exit door, when a voice calls out from behind them.

Mephistopheles: You have served thy master well.

The four actors turn around with surprised looks on their faces.

Sally: Who the hell are you?!

The voice is revealed to be coming from a mysterious curly-haired silhouette.

Mephistopheles: I am nothing more than the one that has created this manifestation of reality you've yearned for. I am no-one, and I am everyone, but to you, you may call me "Master".

A.J.: You're crazy in the head, man! We didn't ask for any of this!

Andre: Hey look man, I don't care who you are, but this theater, this-this place... I ain't never asked for this shit! And I can tell you right now, that "Master" BS ain't cracking, bruh-bruh! Uh-uh!

Mephistopheles: Is this not what you sought, a return to this very sanctuary?

The figure then snaps his fingers, and then he transforms into Pam Grier. "Pam" then steps forward.

"Pam": Greetings, young grasshopper. What is it that you desire most?

The voices of A.J., Andre, Sally and Poindexter from Shaolin Shuffle then echo as they all answer to "Pam"'s question. The four actors then gasp in horror as they remember what they told Pam before.

"Pam" (with Mephistopheles' voice): I need someone to collect souls, and you have proven to be worthy of such a task! Bow before your new master... I shall consume your souls!

"Pam" then transforms into the demon Mephistopheles, and slowly rises, as reality begins to shift around all of them. The four actors' outfits change back to their costumes from The Beast from Beyond, as they now stand on a rocky platform, facing against Mephistopheles. The demonic being then disappears.

Ending Scene 3 Transcript

A portal opens, teleporting the four actors back to the theater once more. They rush toward the door again, but Andre still struggles to open the door.

Poindexter: Where the hell are we?

Sally: Ugh! Why can't we leave this place?!

The scene changes to the outside of the theater, still infested with zombies. It zooms out to reveal a small floating island containing part of a city where the theater is located. The scene quickly changes to reveal five more similar islands, containing the same locations from the five movies the actors have been through, in order of: Zombies in Spaceland, Rave in the Redwoods, Shaolin Shuffle, Attack of the Radioactive Thing and The Beast from Beyond. Finally, the scene zooms out to reveal that all of the islands are contained within a Soul Jar, located inside a projector room.

Wyler (narrating): To be continued... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!