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The Bonus Room is a hidden room featured in the Dead Ops Arcade. The Bonus room is found by choosing the correct path to follow, though there IS a specific path as the location of this room is NOT randomized every play through. Once it is found it will grant the player four piles of treasure that will consist of Gold, Gems, Guns and Power-Ups and can contain up to 20,000 points. To get the bonus rooms, on rounds 1-4 you will need to take the 1st then 2nd arrow. If there is only 1 arrow then you will still take the same path. Rounds 13-16 are in-versed,

The Bonus Room is, as the name implies, a bonus room which grants the player(s) four piles of treasure. This room is found by choosing the correct path, however, these rooms are located differently each game so there is no specific path the player can take. The treasure largely consists of the general treasure found throughout the game but also may consist of gems to very largely increase the player's multiplier. Two to three weapons and/or power ups may also be found in this room. This room does not count towards a round in terms of the leader-boards.

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