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The Collector is a Zombie related achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It requires the player to buy all of the weapons off the walls in one game. This includes Claymores, grenades and Bowie Knife if the map contains them.


  • In Nacht der Untoten, the Sniper Cabinet must be opened in order to get the achievement.
  • The Collector Xbox version BO

    The Xbox 360 version

    The background image is slightly different on PlayStation 3 than it is on Xbox 360. On the PlayStation 3, there is a China Lake, a Dragunov, a Famas and a Grim Reaper, while on Xbox 360 they are in different order and the Famas being replaced by Galil.
    • Ironically, none of the weapons in the background can be obtained from a wall and the Grim Reaper can only be obtained through modding.
  • The icon in the foreground is the CODPoints symbol.


The Collector Black Ops Trophy Achievement Guide

The Collector Black Ops Trophy Achievement Guide

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