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The Dragon's Teeth is the final level in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.



The level begins with the squad making their way into German defenses. The player is tasked with assaulting the bunker. After it is cleared, the player will move on to the next one. Once that is done, the squad is stopped by a barbed-wire fence. Bloomfield moves towards it and sets a charge to destroy the barrier. While he is retreating to cover, he is struck by a mortar shell and dies seconds after while the squad looks in horror. The squad cannot do anything about his body and proceeds down the hill to the Siegfried Line. They are forced to cross it, taking heavy casualties. The squad then moves into the German bunker to clear it. Afterward, they manage to proceed until they come upon two V2 rockets just across the frozen river. The player's objective is to destroy both of them. The squad continues to fight their way across the bridge and sets satchel charges on the rockets. The player destroys the rockets, with one falling over onto an approaching Panzer, destroying it. The mission ends while a Sherman tank column arrives at the site and Delaney gives a short speech to the squad.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout



  • At the end of the level, when the Sherman tanks arrive, they just move through the Flak 88.
  • It is possible to shoot the Flak 88 at the crew on the V2 site.
  • When clearing the bunker, if the player looks outside, one will notice several allies running, but they always get killed by mortar fire.
  • When on top of the hill just after crossing the Siegfried line, the player will notice many allied soldiers still charging, even if the area is clear.
  • When Brooklyn dies at the start his name still appears (sometimes).

Video Edit

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Call of Duty 2 Big Red One - Germany, Mission 13 Part 1

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Call of Duty 2 Big Red One - Germany, Mission 13 Part 2

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