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"The Embassy" is the seventh campaign level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare



Hours after capturing the Wolf at the Rammaza hospital, the Butcher rallies the Al-Qatala forces to siege the US Embassy, demanding that the Wolf should be handed over. Upon learning that extraction is only minutes away, the Wolf remarks that his people would be inside the embassy in the allotted time. After Al-Qatala forces breach the perimeter, Alex, Farah and Hadir move the Wolf to the embassy's basement safe room.

Price and Garrick attempt to insert by helicopter. However, their helicopter is shot down by an RPG. Making their way to the basement, the duo encounter the Butcher attempting to gain entry. Price orders everyone to get back from the door as the Butcher murders employees, civilians and even a child to intimidate the personnel on the other side to open the door. Price assures Garrick that they'll take the Butcher down another time as they move on.

After fighting through the Al-Qatala forces who breached the embassy via truck, they eventually link up with Farah, Alex and Hadir. Price orders Garrick to direct the Ambassador to their location as they need his keycard to open the rear doors and escape. However, the Ambassador is gunned down by an Al-Qatala insurgent as he attempts to lock his office door. Garrick instead directs the Ambassador's assistant, Stacy Davidson to the team's position.

The team escaped from the embassy and begin their advance to the Ambassador's compound. Once they arrive, they put the Wolf in the residence's safe room as Price requests air support from Laswell and she sends a UAV to assist them. The team took their defensive positions up, utilizing mortars with illumination rounds as well as a drone provided by Laswell to eliminate the substantial numbers of Al-Qatala fighters. Eventually, the AQ forces overwhelm and breach the compound. Price orders the team to fall back to the Ambassador's residence and secure the Wolf, but are ultimately too late as they discover that the AQ forces breached through a wall to extract the Wolf.

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Main article: The Embassy/Transcript


  • The defense of the compound in the second part of the mission is very reminiscent of the 2012 Benghazi attack.
  • Several signs in the hallways featured Braille at the bottom. The braille at the bottom of the "Information" and "Employee Only" signs reads "Team Embassy" or "Infinity Ward Team Embassy"
  • If the player destroys the power generator to the left of the entrance to the room in the basement before meeting with Farah, Alex and Hadir, a game of Pong will be displayed with a score of 2-4.
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