Journal Edit

November 6, 1942, 0640 hrs

Northern Egypt

Clear, light winds, 70° F

After months of retreating, we've finally beat General Rommel and his Afrika Korps at El Alamein. Now the Desert Fox has turned tail and Monty aims to hound him to death. Just a few miles west of El Alamein, some of the enemy have been trapped at a town called El Daba. Thanks to our previous exploits, we've been awarded the job of driving the bastards out.

Sergeant John Davis

7th Armoured Division

The End of the Beginning Edit

["The End of the Beginning"]

[El Daba, Egypt]

[November 6, 1942]

[Near the Mediterranian coast]

The level begins with the player (Davis), MacGregor, and three other British soldiers riding in a truck as part of a convoy approaching the city.

Stukas are seen flying above the city. One of them gets shot down and crashes and explodes in the open desert.

British Soldier: Get down, lads!

Just then, another Stuka drops a bomb onto a tank, destroying it and killing the soldiers that were riding on it.

The convoy drives into the city, just in front of an enemy MG42. The soldiers quickly exit the truck. 

MacGregor: Base of fire! Davis, head right and flank that machine gun nest! Go!

If the player waits.

MacGregor: That MG42's a real bugger! Flank it from the right!

The players squad eliminates some Germans and takes out the machine gun.

British Soldier: Area secure!

MacGregor: Good work, Davis. I owe you one.

The player and a British soldier go through a building and kill all the Germans on the other side. After running through the alleyway, the player finds themselves on the shore where there are four FlaK 88s. They clear the crews.

British Soldier 1: Get a smoke grenade out there!

British Soldier 2: Smoke charge in place! We've marked the target area!

The player finds a radio and activates it.

British radio operator: Broadsword to King Five - we have your targets. Commencing attack, out.

The guns from the British ships blow up the German cargo ships at the dock. The squad moves away from the docks and finds another MG42 nest. The player flanks through an alleyway. The squad approaches a building. A British soldier tries to kick down the door but is killed by a machine gun inside the building.

The player exits the building and enters the other one, finally able to clear the troops in and around the MG nest.

The player then enters a building adorned with Nazi flags. He/she heads upstairs and grabs enemy documents on a table.

British Soldier: Regroup at the docks! Let's go! Let's go!

The player heads back to the docks to see Captain Price's squad loading boxes. MacGregor is holding a box of wine bottles.

Price: Now that's a spot of luck. Not bad, MacGregor, nice find. Alright, listen up! We're finished here - well done boys.

MacGregor: Aye, I'll drink to that, sir.

The level ends.