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The Five Knight's Military is a large scale army consisting of mercenaries, rebels and warfighters from around the world hired by The Five Knights to be used as henchmen.


Five Knights Infantry

They are the basic foot soldiers under command of the Five Knights. Mace mostly utilizes them. Their purpose ranges from acting as bodyguards to acting as henchmen or grunts during a battle. The Russian Merc is the only playable merc as he appears in-game.



Rorke's Elite PMCs

The mercenaries were under the command of Gabriel T. Rorke. A few of them appear in a futile attempt to defend Rorke from The Dark Covenant.

Naval Division

The Five Knight's Naval Division is a navy force commanded by Vagr Modir. It's personnel consists mostly of vikings.

Tank Platoon

A Tank Platoon is utilized by the Five Knights. They are briefly seen during A Bigger Explosion as minor enemies.

Helicopter Squadron

The Helicopter Squadron is used by the Five Knights during a battle or when in need for exfiltration. They are briefly seen in A Bigger Explosion.

Other divisions

Paratrooper Division

A Paratrooper Division is mentioned by one of the UAC operators during Operation Broken Arrow but they are not seen.


  • The Helicopter Squadron uses armed UH-60 Blackhawks during A Bigger Explosion but uses Mi-24 Hinds during the Blackout War in the comics.
  • The Mercs appearance in the game and comics are obviously different. The generic mercs and hostage taker mercs bear the closest resemblance to the in-game mercs albeit that their balaclavas have mouth holes.
  • The mercs appeared very briefy during the "Find Makarov" event on Isolated in the Camp area during Season 10 where they were to provide puzzle pieces upon being killed.
    • The mercs make a few remarks about how they're good at their job or their hatred for mosquitoes when idle.
  • The Wild West Mercs were the first to appear while the Blackout Mercs are the latest to appear.