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The Five Knights are a criminal organization featured in the Call of Duty: Mobile comics.


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At some point, an individual known only as "The Fifth Knight" became leader of the Five Knights, recruiting various criminal and terrorist organizations to his side.

Mace and Vladimir Makarov make preparations to launch an EMP missile, which Mara and a squad attempt to stop it. Mara manages to get Makarov into a headlock, threatening to kill him unless Mace deactivates the missile. He disregards the threat and betrays Makarov, shooting him in the head, and running off. Although the squad manages to exfil properly, Mace manages to launch the EMP missile. It is later revealed that Makarov is still alive and he managed to fake his death, although it is unknown how he did so.

Mace meets with Hidora Kai in Alcatraz, and they begin to talk over plans to defend against the operators, and after tense negotiations, Mace works with Kai to stagger the operators. Eventually, Mace also detonates the EMP missile, deactivating all military-related electronic devices, including satellites and vehicles.

Eventually, they are attacked by the newly formed United Anti-Terrorism Coalition, though one of their alleged members, Templar, intercepts Captain Price and Soap, who were attacking one of their command centers. After a short hassle, Templar manages to escape while Soap is mortally wounded. In Hackney Yard, Ghost and Tank perform an all out assault. Tank enters one of the buildings and is ambushed by Mace. Mace overpowers him and guns him down in front of Ghost. Angered, Ghost beats him up and apprehends him. Meanwhile, Mara encounters Hidora Kai and the two begin a short fight. Kai escapes by triggering the explosives and collapsing the entire building. Mara survives but is in a deep coma.

Ghost arrives via Snowmobile at the Soviet base Adler told him about and begins to investigate. He realizes that someone has been here recently as he finds recently opened canned food and a map which is dated around the present. He is then startled by a voice saying: "The enemy of my my friend". The man turns out to me none other than Makarov. Ghost is surprised to see Makarov still alive, since Mara had confirmed he had been shot in the head. Makarov explains that Mace also saw him die but "appearances are deceiving" and that he needed to fake his death since their goals were diverged. Makarov also states that he knows that Ghost has arrived to seek information on how to defeat The Five Knights and that he has it. When questioned about their identity and goals, Makarov says that the Knights consist of 5 individuals with different goals but could be useful to each other as he was useful to them, and reveals their identities. Rorke being the head of mercenaries, Hidora being the head of the corporate section, Mace only wanting the downfall of the government, Raul Menendez wanting the control of the system by hijacking it, and a fifth member whose identity Makarov says will keep to himself, unless Ghost takes him in. Ghost agrees, and as they exit the facility, Templar appears, blowing up Ghost's snowmobile. Ghost tells Makarov to run and fires at Templar. Unfortunately, the bullets cannot penetrate his armor and he mocks Ghost that he should have "brought bigger bullets". Templar then throws his knives at Ghost's P90, rendering it unusable. When Ghost attempts to hit him with the gun, Templar blocks and breaks it. Ghost then asks Templar who he is, to which Templar gives a short introduction and stabs Ghost the wrist with a throwing knife, before executing him. He then comments that he expected a more equal individual rather than just a "Ghost", then takes Ghost's mask as a souvenir, saying "That's one less loose end".

The Five Knights' actions have led the world into a chaotic state. Atlas Corporation steps in for rescue and relief work, But they later get hacked by Cordis Die. Meanwhile, Price and Soap arrive in a chopper looking for Ghost. Soap is surprised at the destruction caused and remarks "What the hell happened here?"

Soon, they find a folded piece of paper on the bloodied ground, and Price remarks "Ghost might have been foolish to come here alone..", but ".. wasn't wrong about it being important." When Price picks up the paper, he finds Ghost's dog tag in it.

It is then revealed that Makarov took Ghost's body, as he is seen dragging it towards a cliff. There, he rendezvous with a team of Ghosts led by Captain Merrick, and hands them over Ghost's body in exchange for a suitcase.

The world remains in a state of chaos as war breaks out between the UAC and The Five Knights forces. Cordis Die is shown to have increased it's influence rapidly.

Meanwhile, Charly and her squad manage to locate Raul Menendez, but Templar appears and helps Menendez escape by wiping out Charly's squad, except for Charly, who is wounded but manages to survive by hiding in a cubicle. Soon after, she is found by Alex and Mara who carry her to safety.

The latter then travel to the prison where Mace is held to persuade him into assisting them into finding Menendez. It doesn't take long for Mace to accept the offer. The trio then infiltrate Menendez's base. After a short battle with the guards, they manage to apprehend Menendez after Alex kills his helicopter pilot.

After Menendez' capture, Templar was brought before the Fifth Knight. The Fifth Knight reminded Templar of his failure to locate Makarov. Templar responded that no-one would ever know of the Fifth Knight, and that Makarov would be found. Templar's superior corrected him, saying that he would not and that Makarov was no longer a priority. He then told Templar that he had a new mission for him, which Templar was ready to take on.

Menendez would then be transferred to prison and interrogated by Shepherd and Price. Menendez told the two that Hidora had returned to Tokyo to attempt to rebuild the Five Knights, and that Templar had been dispatched to Texas.

Hidora's work is interrupted when the compound he is in is attacked by Alex and Soap, and he is forced to escape. He doesn't get far, as the pair knock him out and exfil via vehicle, though his henchmen relentlessly pursue. Along the way, a figure resembling Spectre impales the driver with a sword, forcing Alex and Soap to change their plans and steal motorcycles to get to the egress point, but not before Hidora is knocked out yet again. He is later apprehended by the pair as they arrive on a boat at the docks. With his henchmen falling short of reaching him, Hidora is successfully captured.

Meanwhile, in Texas, Templar is apparently revealed to have setup a trap for the rest of the UAC operators who have come to find him. He easily kills the spec ops soldiers accompanying them and engages Price, Charly, Rosa. He is not alone however, as his consort Dame, busts through a hidden trapdoor on the ceiling and disarms Charly and Rosa of their weapons. Templar and Dame are able to defeat and overpower their foes and soon have them in binds. Soon after, Gabriel Rorke appears and tells them that "Everything's in position".

During this time, Hidora is being interrogated by Shepherd, Alex and Soap. He refuses to divulge the identity of the 5th Knight, which only causes the trio to more irritation. Instead, he tells them that they should be more concerned about their team in Texas.

The perspective then shifts to Vagr Modir, who is leading an armada in persuit of Hidora. Just as she spots the UAC ship, she remarks that they haven't seen them yet, and tells her comrades to be prepared.

Shepherd mocks Hidora saying that things won't end like Hidora thinks it would, at a point where Vagr's armada gets spotted and the alarm goes off. Hidora then mocks back at Shepherd saying that it is he who has the wrong idea.

As the attack begins, Alex admits that they are outnumbered and outgunned. Soap orders Modir to call her men off, but she refuses. Her wolf attacks Soap, giving her the opportunity to catch him off-guard and push him off the ship. She then tackles Alex and goes inside, only to find Shepherd holding Hidora at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Price says he's tired of the Five Knights, and mocks Rorke for being a puppet. Rorke replies that as long as there is a cash flow, he doesn't mind being one. Mace manages to break the pipe he was cuffed to, and attacks Rorke with it. Rosa also breaks out of her cuffs, but before she can do anything, Rorke tackles Mace and throws him onto her. Having had enough of toying with them, Rorke draws his gun to Price's head and demands to know Adler's location, but then the latter reveals himself at the facility's entrance. Rorke mocks him for coming to him so soon and for only bringing "backup", but then Adler says that he's brought an "old friend". The old friend is revealed to be Ghost, still alive and accompanied by the German Shepherd Riley. His arrival shocks everyone present, including Templar, as he says his famous line, "You can't kill a Ghost".

Ghost then tells Templar they have a score to settle--so Templar responds by throwing his knife at him, but he catches it and swivels it around his wrist before he throws it back, hitting Rorke in the arm. Ghost then orders his fellow Ghosts to secure Rorke and the facility while he deals with Templar. Rorke, deciding to exfil, tells Dame to accompany him to an underground bunker where he intends to exfil via helicopter--all while unaware that Adler is in the bunker waiting for them. In the meantime, Ghost and Templar engage in a vicious duel.

Back in the sea, Soap is helped back on board by Alex who threw him a rope. In the ensuing melee, Modir has managed to free Hidora from Shepherd's grasp and has already escaped their ship. However, their fleet of ships have come under attack by the Ghosts' ship. Hidora remarks that things aren't looking good for them, but Modir is confident that they won't be stopped.

During their duel, Ghost mentions something about a "Dark Covenant", and addresses Templar as "Edouard", which annoys him. Mace, freed from his binds, immediately attacks Templar as he knocks Ghost down. Now double teamed by the 2 skull masked operators, Templar fends off Mace by throwing knives into his forearms but gets thwarted by Ghost before he can use his last one on him. Ghost manages to throw Templar to the ground and attempts to use the same "coup de grace" that he used on him, but it fails and Templar kicks him aside. Mace states that he can't move his arms, to which Templar states that he had struck his nerve clusters and that he'll be back in a minute--while it's just him and Ghost for now. Ghost manages to stab Templar in his leg, but the latter than retaliates by swiping Ghost's face with his wrist blades. Mace tells Ghost that he's on his own as he hasn't yet fully recovered his arms, so Templar continues to furiously fight Ghost, and attempts to stab him in the head, but Ghost blocks his knife with his palm and manages to grab Templar's arm and break it. He then puts the French merc in a submission hold and prepares to kill him. However, before he can do so, Dame arrives in the nick of time to rescue Templar and kicks Ghost away. She then carries Templar away while Ghost struggles to recover. After a while Dame,Rorke,Hidora alonside Templar managed to escape the UAC, however Templar was severely injured. They managed to land at Panama, Rorke introduces Rott to the rest of the team while Dame carries the injured Templar. Templar at first refused Dame's assistance by saying that she shouldn't care for him like a mother of an injured pup, he managed to walk for a while before his leg give in, Dame then insisted to help Templar and for him to be in a hospital bed. Meanwhile, Rott alongside his mercs burned down a person presumabledy a customer who tried to scam him.Rosa appears in a disguise saying that it was unnecesarry to do that, Rott however ignores her and insisted that they go straight to business. After agreeing for a purchase, both parted ways. However Dame intercepts Rosa while she was requesting for an extraction. She claimed Rosa was smart however she was no match for approiate paranoia. She attempted to lunge towards her before Rosa pulls out a gun and shoots her, fortunately for Dame, Rott alongside his mercs appears and try to corner Rosa, she however managed to elude them and escaped.

In Season 7: Elite of The Elite, Rorke is confronted by the Dark Covenant, after Dame convinced Templar to turn against the Five Knights. Despite his advantage in numbers, Rorke's mercenaries are no match for all of the Covenant, and Rorke is left alone. Desperate for life, he fights Templar, but is quickly brought to his knees. Rorke makes some last taunts, about how these "cultists" will not gain control of the world. In response, Dame slits his neck.

The Five Knights were known to be assembling in Blackout, where they amass forces for reasons not revealed. However, this catches the attention of the UAC, and they immediately assemble to attack. As Price's team infiltrates to find Hidora Kai, the forces of the UAC and Five Knights clash on the island, Ghost then finds Templar after finding a trail of dead bodies. During this time, Templar confronts Dame about his daughter Sofia, who he wishes to get out of the Dark Covenant's protection so he can "get out of this mess." In response, Dame retorts that Sofia is bound to the Covenant by blood, and that she will not be released, instead training to become an operative. To Dame's surprise, Templar slits her neck, replying that his strings have been cut and that he is no longer a puppet. The Dark Covenant then attacks him in retaliation, though Templar manages to beat them, albeit with minor injuries (such as a broken visor.) When Ghost finds him, Templar does not attack and instead gives him a keycard, stating that the 5th Knight is nearby and that "this is not my war". When Ghost asks what he will do, Templar replies that he will burn the Covenant to the ground.

During all of this, the Five Knights are revealed to be retreating, as their forces are being pushed back, and their air and naval forces have been crippled or destroyed, which Shepherd acknowledges.

Ghost then uses the keycard to unlock a bookcase door, which leads to a surveillance room, where a man is watching everything transpiring. The man laments that despite being able to control the outcome of the war, he was unable to control Ghost as "you were always a wildcard, son." The 5th Knight is revealed to be Adler, and Ghost, despite his momentary shock, realizes that Adler effectively betrayed the country and the UAC. Adler retorts that his actions were for the good of the country, and asks Ghost if he knows what a "False flag" scenario is, then explaining that it is an attack by a country on itself under the guise of a separate enemy to start a war. Adler then claims that the Soviets are still a present and active threat, and that his goal was to defeat Makarov and other Russian threats. When Ghost retorts that his actions caused numerous deaths and the crippling of civilization, Adler replies that it was for the country to get back on its feet stronger than before. He then reveals that he had hired Mace to kill Makarov, which he was able to, though Makarov had managed to use a body double to deceive them all. He also notes that he sent Ghost to Siberia with the same goal in mind, and Templar would kill Makarov if Ghost somehow failed. Instead, Ghost and Templar fought each other, Ghost being left gravely wounded as Templar was unable to find Makarov. Finally, Adler notes the 30000 men on Blackout, and he comments each one of them are heroes. He then throws a cigarette as he mentions that Ghost himself is a hero, as he begins to pull something out of his jacket, he says that if Adler asked Ghost for one more sacrifice, Ghost would make it. As Adler turns, Ghost shoots him, and he falls off the cliff, revealing that he had pulled a lighter out of his jacket. As Adler tumbles off the cliff, Ghost is contacted by Price, who informs Ghost of nuclear bombs being launched by the Five Knights. As Ghost demands clarification, Blackout erupts into a mushroom cloud as the missile hits.

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  • The Five Knights and their rival group, the UAC, are both featured in the Knights Divided Event. Choosing this faction and completing missions for it will reward the players with the Red Curtain skins, the Elite PMC - Red Curtain, and the Razorback - Ruby blueprint. This faction also won the event, and as of current, only the players who chose this faction have the Backpack 3 - Serpentine.
  • The Knights all have different goals yet see each other as useful allies as explained by Makarov.
  • The Five Knights logo is printed on the cape of Templar's Royal Knight skin.