Oleg Puskov and Aleksandr Sokolov are inside the building from the previous mission.

Puskov: Mamayev Kurgan is just ahead. But first, we need to flush the Germans out of this building. Give us the signal to go.

Puskov opens the door and the soldiers clear the room of German soldiers.

Puskov: Open the door! I'll cover you!

Sokolov opens the door and they clear the room. They move downstairs and secure the rest of the building. Outside, the park can be seen, with Germans and Russian soldiers fighting in it.

Puskov: There's the park! Quickly comrades, set up the machine gun in this window!

A soldier mans a machine gun on the window, and is killed.

Puskov: You! Get on the machine gun!

Sokolov gets on the machine gun and fires at the Germans.

Puskov: German sniper! Look out, comrade!

Puskov pushes Sokolov off of the machine gun, but the sniper kills him. Tanya Pavelovna jumps down from a higher floor.

Pavelovna: There you are.

She shoots the German sniper with a sniper rifle.

Pavelovna: I've been hunting that bastard all day. I'm sorry you lost your sergeant, comrade. We won't let his sacrifice go to waste. I've got a new job for you. The fascists are using the view from that bunker to call in artillery strikes all over the city.

An artillery strike knocks debris blocking a set of stairs out of the way.

Pavelovna: We can't take back Stalingrad unless we control that bunker. You lead the men up that hill. Start by taking out the machine guns in those pill boxes. Stick to the trenches. I'll keep you covered from here. That Nazi flag must fall!

Sokolov leaves the building and moves up in the trenches. He takes out the machine guns in the first, second and third pill boxes, and clears the German bunker at the top of the hill. He takes down the Nazi flag flying on the pole. Pavelovna watches this from the building.

Pavelovna: Well done, comrade. It looks like I found myself a new spotter.