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"I thought the French had already cleared this area?"
"Yeah, and a piss-poor job of it they did, too.
Salvadore Guzzo and Mike Dixon

The Forest is the eighth Call of Duty 3 campaign mission where Dixon's squad and other allied soldiers are charged with clearing Foret d'Ecouves so that the allied troops can move through. One of the soldiers makes note that many soldiers have not returned after entering, and many wounded are found while they push through.

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After Sgt. McCullin's death, Dixon was promoted to Sergeant. The soldiers fought through the forest looking for the engineers that went missing clearing the forest. They found Pvt. Krupin, a wounded soldier. He was the only survivor who was one of the missing people mentioned MIA in the forest by Dixon. He informs that the trenches were invaded by Germans which they now use them as ammo depot. Nichols and the squad then retake the trenches and destroy the ammo storage. Then when they proceed, they were attacked by Germans in the overhead trenches.

Nichols and the others survived and they were attacked outside the trenches. After taking them out, they advanced and took a bunker. Outside the bunker was a wide battlefield swarmed with Germans and a few MG42s. They were pinned down but they needed to cross the road. Dixon pops two smoke grenades and Guzzo pops one smoke grenade. After crossing the road, the Americans continues to push through the enemy lines. After that, they surrounded the last bunker. They took the bunker and spotted three crashed buses. Using the mortar in the bunker, Nichols was able to destroy the buses and cleared the way toward the Crossroads.

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