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"After witnessing Richtofen execute his future self, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo had no choice but to fight alongside the Doctor against the shambling army of the undead once again. Though they survived to see another day, none of them were prepared for what came next."
— Biography

The Giant is the second Zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is a remake of the map Der Riese (which is German for "The Giant"), which was previously featured in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops, and is the nineteenth (chronologically the second in the altered timeline) Zombies map overall. The map was announced as part of Black Ops III's special Collector Edition, and is accessible to Season Pass owners along with being available as an individual purchase independent of the Season Pass. The map features the return of the original characters as they appeared in the map Origins, and continues the story from where it left off.

Initially, The Giant was only available on next-gen consoles and PC. It later had an individual release for the PlayStation 4[2], Xbox One[3] and PC[4] versions on May 22nd, 2016. The PlayStation 3 release was on June 2nd, 2016[5] while the Xbox 360 version of the map was released on July 5th, 2016[6].


Starting Room/MainframeEdit

The Giant is set in a Group 935 research facility located in Breslau, Germany. It has several rooms within it. The starting room is just outside the factory itself. There are four barricades, with two at either side of the Mainframe, one on the side of the power generator, and one down a staircase. There are two doors that leave the starting room and lead to the right or left factory rooms. This version of the map is covered in snow and falling snow is visible throughout the outside parts of the map.

Weapons AvailableEdit


  • Pack-a-Punch Machine - 5000 points per use, 2500 to re-use (does not refill ammo) also locked until power is turned on and all three Teleporters are linked.
  • Radio - On the left side of the mainframe on the ground.
  • Mainframe - Used to connect the Teleporters, all of them lead here.



Starting Weapons
Off-Wall Weapons
Mystery Box


Perk-a-Cola Machines

Easter EggsEdit

  • In this map, players can activate a revised Fly Trap now known as "Paradoxical Prologue" in the same location by shooting at the following objects with a Pack-a-Punched weapon, this time with Ludvig Maxis speaking in place of Samantha. There are still three hidden objects, but they are in different locations and are activated by shooting a console on a column located through the sliding door to the right of the Pack-A-Punch machine, turn left until you come to a zombie barricade. Look through the barricade and you should see the columns. This must be done first but then the three hidden objects can be done in any order:
    • A Cymbal Monkey is in an incinerator under Teleporter A.
    • Looking to the right of the power switch to the balconies, there is a teddy bear on the top of the tallest balcony.
    • A Teddy Bear is in a well full of water beside Teleporter B, the one on the left as the player enters the room.
      • Once finished, Maxis will say "I see it! The beacon is lit! I know where and when you are!... Sooner or later I will find you. Together, we will ensure a better future for the children." Players can now head to the furnace, where the Annihilator revolver can be picked up and used by any player as a special weapon. Upon picking up the Annihilator, the player will be rewarded 1000XP and complete the "Paradoxical Prologue" challenge. See video tutorial here.
  • It is possible to unlock a "secret perk" which is located under a pile of snow. Firstly, the player will need to obtain the Monkey Bombs from the Mystery Box. They will then need to throw a monkey into each teleporter before teleporting (this can be done via having someone else link the teleporter, throwing the Monkey Bomb inside and standing in the teleporter once it's linked, or by throwing the Monkey Bomb in then buying the use of the teleporter and standing in it, if it has been linked). Once they have teleported through all three, there should be a panel near the Pack-a-Punch Machine which has a glowing red button and is making noise. The player will need to hold the action button on the panel, causing a red beam of light to come out of the Giant Robot's head, and melt the snow which is covering the hidden perk.[7]

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