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For the real-life war that was referred to as the "Great War", see World War I.

"In this vision, my name is Pablo Marinus and I am a knight coming back from the crusades. I fight in a great battle against strange demon like creatures who are trying to devour the Earth. At one point, it appears I am doomed, trapped in the tentacles of a great three headed beast when suddenly four knights decimate it with magical elemental staves, saving me from certain death. There are otherworldly creatures that fight on our side against the demons. The creepy thing is that the sigils on their tunics resemble the one I noticed on stones here at the castle"
Gorod Krovi cipher.

The Great War (also known as The Great Battle) is a war fought between humanity and the extradimensional invading force of the Apothicons - of whom originated from the Dark Aether.

Humanity was assisted by the ancient, dimension-hopping, time-traveling knights known as Primis, consisting of Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, "Tank" Dempsey, and Takeo Masaki, with their main forces consisting of the Ancients and the kingdom of the powerful Wolf King. They were also assisted by the Keepers.


Many of the events that occurred during The Great War are unknown. However, it is known that on April 14th, 1294, a knight named Sir Pablo Marinus was saved from a Margwa by Primis, who later documented the war within his diary.

The war would last until the last day in the year 1299, where after the final battle ended, Primis used the Elemental Staffs to cleanse the world of the "sickness" as far as the eye could see, with the remaining Apothicons being banished into the Dark Aether once again.

In the first day of 1300, as The Great War ended, Primis instructed the Wolf King to build his castle in Austria before they seemingly disappeared into time itself.

Dimension 63

On February 18th, 1300, Pablo Marinus began documenting The Great War, the Keepers and Apothicons, as well as Element 115, noting a massive deposit of it in northern France.

Four months later, on June 4th, a tomb was constructed in northern France to honor fallen soldiers of The Great War. Statues of Primis were constructed within it.

Pablo's Journal somehow gets to the hands of Group 935, which who then investigate the site, leading to the events within the map Origins.

Using information from Pablo's Journal about the Great War, Ludvig Maxis constructs replicas of the Elemental Staffs. The more Maxis reads of the Great War, the more he begins to question his understanding of the scientific world, and the true nature of the universe itself. Richtofen notes that in spite of Group 935’s progress at the dig site, he is troubled by Maxis’ growing obsession with Pablo’s diary. Maxis delves into research, eventually becoming completely consumed by Samantha's voice.

In the intro cutscene, Samantha refers to the lands of Origins as the battlegrounds of the Great War. After opening the main chamber using a Gramophone and installing 115 Generators connected to the main chamber, Ancient figures arise from the main chamber, who are undead knights from The Great War that have come back into the living.


After assisting Victis in the construction of the Agarthan Device, Pablo Marinus would be sent back in time to fight in the Great War, creating a pre-destination paradox.


  • The war occurs in both the Original Timeline and Dimension 63, with the key difference being that in Dimension 63, Pablo Marinus writes a journal, detailing important sites and battles in The Great War. This is later found by Group 935, allowing them to locate The Mound in Northern France.