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"The Nine can hide no longer! What once was theirs, shall now be ours!""
— The High Priest of Chaos after the defeat of the Nine's champion.

The Order is a religious organization introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the Chaos story of Zombies. They serve as the main antagonists of Voyage of Despair, IX and Dead of the Night, as well as the Chaos story as a whole. 

The goals of The Order are vague, although it is known that they wish to harness the knowledge and power of Prima Materia for their own benefit.

They have some connection to the adventurer Alistair Rhodes.

They are currently locked in a conflict between the enigmatic group known as the "Nine".

Each member of the order has been killed at some point, and revived using the powers of the Scepter of Ra. This has been done even on unwilling subjects to turn them into unwitting pawns for The Order, such as Godfrey whom was insurmountable in both starting and finishing Sentinel Trial of Danu at the Rhodes Manor.

As seen with the events of Ancient Evil, The Order has had access to the undercroft of the Greek city of Delphi, still under the effects of the Sentinel Trial of Zeus started by the Demigod Perseus for an unknown period of time. After events of Greek Tragedy however, the indoctrinated side of Bruno Delacroix takes advantage of a lull in a moment and a time where the crew has split up to murder Stanton Shaw and resurrect him quietly as another pawn. However their plans are somewhat ruined by the finding of the missing Alistair Rhodes alongside two Order monks, all petrified.

Known Members