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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"You know by now the importance of your mission. (static) For all our attempts and progress, humanity has faltered. (static) Self-interested men of cowardice and commerce have used our generous gift to pursue violence and greed. Instead of growth and evolution. The benevolent nature of our former order limits their ability to achieve legitimate progress. We must circumvent them to save our fellow man. War is coming. We can no longer stand idly by and let humanity destroy itself. We must act. Humanity must be compelled, forced even to achieve enlightenment I promised all those years ago. You must secure the artifact, only with the artifact can we reach (static) Mankind must witness their reckoning. Only through it, can we deliver salvation."
— The High Priest of Chaos

The Order is a religious organization introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies. They serve as the main antagonists of Voyage of Despair, IX and Dead of the Night, as well as the Chaos Story as a whole. They are a fanatical and violent cult led by the High Priest of Chaos, dedicated to utilizing Prima Materia and the Sentinel Artifacts to force humanity to "evolve".


First Incarnation


The Order appears to have been founded at some point in ancient times by a man who would come to be known as the High Priest of Chaos. He was killed and revived by the Scepter of Ra, a process which he would require of all members of the Order - a process which seemingly submitted them to the Order's will.

Trial of Ra

The Order's roots can be traced back to the era of the Roman Empire, where the Order utilized a colosseum in Roman-occupied Egypt to undergo a Trial utilizing a Sentinel Artifact associated with Ra. Wearing masks that protected them from the Prima Materia, they would force gladiator slaves to undergo the Trial for them in hopes that one might succeed. This would come to pass when a group of gladiators succeeded in completing the Trial, defeating Fury and Wrath, who would soon be executed after the Trial's completion.

Second Incarnation


At some point after the Trial was completed, the High Priest became seemingly immortal, re-appearing in the 1900's. He would reform the Order in 1909 with a breakaway sect of the Rosicrucian Order with the same goals as the original order. The existence of this Order would soon be discovered by archaeologist Alistair Rhodes, who begins to work against the enigmatic cult.

In September 1910, Alistair and Bruno Delacroix would attempt to take the Scepter of Ra to prevent it from falling into the Order's hands again. Bruno was killed during the confrontation, but Alistair managed to revive him using the Scepter. This would have dire consequences however, as Bruno was now unwillingly indoctrinated into the Order, beginning to hear the voice of "Dark Bruno" in his subconscious.

Trial of Danu

On March 20th, 1912, Alistair Rhodes held a party at his Manor. Prior to the start of the party, the Order had secretly made their way into the Rhodes Manor, killing Alistair's butler Godfrey and reviving him using the Scepter of Ra. Under the Order's control, Godfrey knocked Alistair out, tying him up and bringing him below to the wine cellar. It was there too that the Order would activate the Danu Sentinel Artifact, beginning a Sentinel Trial which transformed much of the party's residents to zombies and other hideous creatures. As chaos ensued, Godfrey surrounded himself with various glyphs to protect himself from the Prima Materia until he was approached by Gideon Jones, Christina Fowler and Brigadier Jonathan Warwick who too were protected by the glyphs. Together, the four managed to complete the Trial by defeating the Shadow Werewolf.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Rhodes, under instructions from her father, had arrived to Rhodes Manor where she took on several Order cultists in the forest nearby. It was there she managed to subdue the High Priest, killing him before he warned her she had stopped nothing with his death. Making her way into the Manor itself after the Trial was complete, she found that the party-goers had all been murdered by the Order. After the death of the Shadow Werewolf, Godfrey and his reluctant comrades saw a vision of the Odin Artifact before Godfrey told them they weren't worthy, killing all three. He then ordered the other Order cultists to load Alistair into a car and "ensure the prisoner completes his journey". A fire then began to spread across the Manor as Scarlett burst into the room, shooting Godfrey. After failing to pry the location of her father from Godfrey, Scarlett took after the other cultists in a car before crashing on the side of the road. The Order then loaded Alistair into a plane, escaping the scene.

Trial of Odin & Ra

An Order cultist was a passenger aboard the RMS Titanic as Scarlett, Bruno, Stanton Shaw and Diego Necalli began their plan to steal the Odin Sentinel Artifact in a bid to rescue Alistair. The crew managed to pull off the heist partially until the cultist stole the Artifact and its key. Soon confronted and cornered by Shaw, Diego and Bruno, the cultist activated the Artifact, forming a protective barrier with himself and the crew inside. Laughing maniacally as the Trial of Odin began, Scarlett knocked the cultist outside of the barrier which turned him into a zombie. The crew managed to complete the Tria, leading them to Delphi where they would experience a vision of the Order in a Roman colosseum and complete the Trial of Ra.

Trial of Zeus and Alistair's Demise

Members of the Order had made their way to Delphi with Alistair. The city itself was still under the effects of the Trial of Zeus started by the Demigod Perseus centuries ago. Scarlett and her allies would continue the Trial of Zeus, furthering their quest to save Alistair. During the Trial, the indoctrinated side of Bruno Delacroix takes advantage of a lull in a moment and a time where the crew has split up to murder Stanton Shaw and resurrect him quietly as another pawn. After the Trial is completed and the Oracle is freed by Scarlett, the other three discover that Alistair and his kidnappers had been turned to stone by the Oracle - in reality, the Gorgon known as Medusa. As Diego realized what happened and went to rescue Scarlett, the indoctrinated Shaw and Bruno stared at the scene in front of them as their foreheads glowed red.

Known Members