December 8, 1942, 1445 hrs


Snowing, -28° C

We've stopped at a supply dump to restock on ammunition and supplies, before moving on to support our comrades at the railyard. The station house at railroad station No. 1 is currently under German control. Lt. Volsky says it has changed hands twelve times in the past six hours. The safest way to reach the trainyard is the pipeline - as long as the Germans don't know we're in there, of course.

Pvt. Vasili I. Koslov

13th Guards Rifle Division


["The Pipeline"]

[Stalingrad, USSR]

[December 8, 1942]

[200 metres east of Railroad Station No. 1]

Soviet Corporal: Ok, comrade! This way! Let's go.

The player enters the pipeline and meets with two Russian soldiers. The door to the pipeline closes.

Soviet Corporal: Good luck, comrades.

The player crawls through the pipeline. They stop at a gap in the pipeline to watch German bombers fly overhead. They proceed.The soldiers find another gap at the bottom, where they can see a Halftrack carrying German soldiers below them. The Soviets open fire and kill the Germans. As the Soviets move forward into the pipeline, German soldiers below open fire and kill the two Russians. They player, however, survives. The player finds another gap in the pipes and kills the Germans responsible. He/She then continues along the pipes and provides support for the Russian soldiers on the ground. The player eventually exits the pipeline and finds themselves in a warehouse with another squad of Russian soldiers. After restocking on ammo, the squad exits and moves up to the train station.

Soviet Soldier 1: Secure the station house comrades!

Soviet Soldier 2: Let's go, comrades! For the Motherland!

The player moves up and takes the station.

Soviet Soldier: Stop their counterattack comrades! Stop it at all costs! We will not lose this position again!

They player repells an extensive wave of Germans.

Soviet Soldier 1: Panzer to the southeast!

Soviet Soldier 2: Vasili! Use your sticky bombs to disable the tank to the southeast!

The player blows up the tank.

Soviet Soldier: German supply dump! Northeast corner of the trainyard!

The Player enters the supply dump and kills all the Germans inside.

Soviet Soldier 1: Another enemy hardpoint east of the station house! Clear it out!

Soviet Soldier 2: Enemy machine gun to the east! Take it out!

The player completes these objectives in his/her desired order. They then rendezvous with two Russian soldiers.

Soviet Soldier: Well done, comrades! That should take care of them for now. No doubt they'll be back in a couple of hours. Let's head bak to the station house. Move!

The level ends.