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"The Race to Bastogne" is the seventh campaign level in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts.

Walkthrough Edit

The player will spawn as Gunnery Sgt. Alex McCall in a tank. Germans will run past the player but he doesn't have to shoot them. Controls for the turret will appear on screen as the tank drives along the road as well. Then the player must wait until air support takes out German positions up ahead, then the player's tank goes through some woods. Germans will shoot the player with Panzerschrecks. Each part of the path is guarded by Germans. The player must take them out before they shoot the tank then the tank proceeds to move through an open space. After that, you have to destroy a few Panzers (3-4 shots from the tank gun should be enough to knock them out). The player then gives suppressing fire to American soldiers destroying anti-aircraft guns. As the player moves forward a Panzer comes and the player must destroy it. The player moves towards a bridge. Then the command tank crosses and halfway across it gets destroyed. The player then goes towards another bridge, but the player must destroy Panzer tanks across the river. The player then crosses the bridge and destroys a Tiger tank. It is recommended that you start shooting the Tiger tank at the first chance as the Tiger tank won't give you much time to shoot it. The player then exits the level.


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