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"The Relief of Bastogne" is the eighth campaign level in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts.


The player starts out with Sgt. Maddock and Pvt. Taylor. Davies and Rogers are scouting up ahead. When the player and the squad moves up, Rogers is killed by a sniper. Kill the sniper, and eliminate the German patrol that is coming up with the Scoped Kar98k. There are two on the top floor a tall building, swap the Lee-Enfield for it as steadying aim isn't possible with the Lee-Enfield. Then, rush to the bridge up the path from which the patrol came down. Kill the two German Snipers, and advance attacking German infantry until having reached the street. Sgt. Maddock will tell the player to wait after he finds two decoy German soldiers meant to lure the player into a sniper trap, find and kill the sniper. Hide from the German Convoy. Cut through the cafe and attack the Germans coming to attack. Defeat the Convoy infantry that follow. Rush up the debris that lead to a tall house. The player will have to shoot a defective charge, and eliminate the German counterattacks. Destroy two German tanks, kill a Panzerschreck trooper, and one more German tank. Then the player has completed the mission.


  • The first two Panzers the player destroys will explode together with one shot.
  • If the player shoots the timed explosive with some other gun instead of your sniper rifle, then Sgt. Maddock will criticise Sharpe, have the squad fall back and the player will have failed the mission.
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