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For the campaign level with the same name, see The Rhine (WWII).

"The Rhine" is the tenth campaign level in Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts.


Tom Sharpe assaults a German checkpoint, destroys a Halftrack, attacks a Flak 88 cannon and kills the gun crews of a Nebelwerfer. Then the player assaults a German ammo dump at the top of the big manor house. After that, the player uses an MG42 against Germans who attack and destroy a Halftrack. After the squad takes refuge in the remains of a mansion, you hold off incoming German troops with the help of a machine gun emplacement. Suddenly, the squad is under attack from two German Tiger tanks. The player then makes one last push and destroy the tanks. At the end after destroying the last Tiger, reinforcements arrive to the words of "Here come the bloody cavalry." A cutscene then plays where Sgt. Mason says, "Beer's on me, as soon as we get to Berlin!"


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