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The Room of Fate is a room featured in Dead Ops Arcade, usually encountered on rounds 15-19, but can be encountered earlier than this. This room will grant the player one permanent Fate; if a Fate is not picked soon enough, the game will give the player a random Fate between the four. These Fates are randomely placed in the four spots, but the location of each Fate depends on the order in which its arrow appears. The Fates are:

  • The Fate of Fortitude - Grants the player the ability to use power-ups and weapons for twice the usual duration including, but not limited to: turrets, vehicles and chickens. On top of this, the player's multiplier will reset to x2 upon death rather than x1. It is always the first arrow that appears.
  • The Fate of Firepower - Grants a permanent Death Machine as the player's default weapon. Picking up another Death Machine power-up will not affect the current one, however, picking up other weapons will swap the player's gun to the weapon picked up; the gun will then revert to the Death Machine. It is always the second arrow that appears.
  • The Fate of Friendship - Gives the player a chicken to be used permanently. This Fate also extends the duration of any further chickens picked up. This effect is similar to The Fate of Fortitude effect. It is always the third arrow that appears.
  • The Fate of Furious Feet - Grants permanent Boots to the player, permanently increasing their speed, and three lightning bolts every round (though these will not stack). Picking up further Boots will not affect the player's running speed. It is always the last arrow that appears.
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