"The Tiger" is the twenty-second level in Call of Duty 2.



A Warning Edit

Even in the lower difficulty settings, there will be a ton of troops at each point. In the higher difficulty levels, the respawns will be churning out so many troops that, say, you'll see 15 troops packed next to a FlaK Gun or troops constantly appearing in a small, two story-house. This part is very hard on higher difficulties.

Getting Started Edit

The player spawns in front of a Sherman tank and behind you is another Sherman tank. Keep going and look to the right until a broken fence is seen then see the first tank be destroyed by a Tiger. When the player does see it being destroyed, go through the fence and the player can see a building on the left with troops firing out of it. Approach the building's right-hand side, and the player will see a doorway. Toss a grenade, then go in. Go into the main room and take the stairs on the right and finish off the troops.

When they're dead, get out. When the player gets outside, turn left and the allies are huddled around a small alley. Follow it to a doorway at the end. When the player gets to the next doorway, toss a grenade to take out anybody that's just past the doorway. Go in, take a left and clear out the main room. When it's clear, look right and there will be a staircase. Go up it and follow the halls to a single troop firing near the windows. Take him out from a distance, then go in the room and look right. There is a dresser blocking a doorway. Throw a grenade near it, and a troop will pop out and flee. Let the grenade take him out.

When the house is clear, go back to the main hall and go through the door.

Town Hall Edit

Town Hall is the first objective, and it's a dozy.

When the player gets out of the house, turn left and there will be a large building then the 2nd Sherman will approach, but don't go to close to it because a tiger will destroy the tank. After it has been destroyed the tiger retreats then goes into town hall. Go towards it while tossing a grenade or two at the troops in the yard. When the player gets near the fence, turn left and there will be an opening. Go through it and mow down the troops on the outside. The opening is on the right side of the building.

This is where things are gonna get hairy. As soon as the player gets near the house, a troop hiding behind the doorway will open fire. take him out, then toss a grenade to the area beyond him. When the grenade explodes, the player needs to run to the point that was behind the troop. When the player gets there, turn and face the room across from yours. Toss a grenade in it and wipe out the remaining troops.

If the player peeks into the main hall, there are troops on the top and bottom floors. Peek in, toss a few grenades at the troops on the bottom, then go back. Peek out and see if the bottom floor is relatively clear. If not, toss another grenade. Don't toss grenades at the troops upstairs, as they tend to bounce off the walls and land on the ground floor. When it's clear, toss a smoke grenade, then run through the room and go into one of the halls on the sides. When the player comes out, the player will be on the other side of the building. Take out the remaining enemys, then wait for the troops on the top to come down, then take them out one by one. When they're out, go up the stairs and take on of the side halls into the room the player was in earlier. Toss grenades at the troops there, then open fire.

Once the area is clear, go through the entrance the player took to get inside.

Post Office Edit

Getting to the post office is harder than cleaning it out.

From where the player is, get out of town hall's yard from the entrance the player used and turn left. There will be a ruined building. Then two Sherman tanks will approach they will go to a stop and starts firing the tiger first tank is gonna be destroyed but as the player can see, the 2nd approached to fire but he got destroyed too. Go into the hall and turn right. The troops have converged on the field and are hiding in and behind bushes. Toss grenades to flush them out, then pick them off. there may be a few that are too far away for your grenades, so the player will need to run up and find them on their own. When firing at the running troops, make sure to stay back so that the player doesn't take heavy damage. When the area is cleared the area out, turn right and start going into the field. Look to the right and there will be a damaged house with an MG42 on its second floor. Run into the building and clear it out.

When it's clear, the player can finally go into the post office. Go to the back of the house that was cleared out, and there will be a doorway that leads to the office. When the player gets near it, begin tossing grenades inside and on the second floor. While the troops are running, open fire on them. Clear out the first floor, keeping an eye out on the counter to the right when the player arrives. When the first floor is clear, go to the back of the room and the player can find a staircase. Go up it and clear out the rest of the troops.

When the area is clear, get out of the office and face the street.

The FlaK Gun Edit

From where the player is, turn left and start following the road. Along the way, there will be a house on the left that has a few troops coming out of it. Toss a grenade to occupy them with, then keep going.

At the end of the road on the left is the FlaK Gun. There are usually troops on the end of the road, so take them out. When they're out, turn to the left and the player can see the gun and some troops nearby. Toss a grenade or two at them, then pick off anybody that's left. On higher difficulty levels, there are a large amount of troops here, usually in a cluster, so toss as many grenades at them as you can, then finish off anybody that's left. The player may have to hide between grenades, as the troops instantly attack you at once as soon as the player is spotted.

The Church Edit

When the gun is clear, go through it and keep going forward until the player sees a house with a garage on the left and a doghouse on the right. Go through the garage and turn right at the end. Toss a few grenades at the troops inside, then go in and turn left, tossing another grenade at the troops in the main room. From there, look for the staircase in front of you and go up. Clear out the troops inside, then look out the windows in the back on the second floor. The player can see the church.

This will be another painful objective. This building contains a heavy amount of enemies, and many of them will stay inside until the player approaches them. Start off by tossing grenades at the troops hiding behind the junk and the troops inside the room just past the doorway. Then, toss a smoke grenade, get out of the building and go right. Keep on going right until the player arrives at the church's back. On the left, near the end, the player sees a doorway. Peek in, toss a few grenades inside (preferably between the pews, Near the room on the other side, and near the room on the right side). Then, peek through and take pot shots until there are few troops inside. When there aren't a lot left, go inside and mop up what's left.

When the player is done, go through the left-side entrance and get on the road between the church and the house you were in earlier.

The HQ Edit

Form the road, for forward until the player reaches the four-way, then turn right and keep going until there is a house with troops coming out of it on the left. Toss a grenade inside, then go in and take out anybody that's left. Go through the exit in the back, then turn right and keep going until there is a ruined house with a larger house behind it.

Troops are constantly coming out of it, making it impossible to get anywhere without a smoke grenade. Even inside, there's usually a legion of troops on the second floor that will come down and surround the player. And to top it off, the game won't save until the HQ is completely cleared.

To start off, toss a smoke grenade on the left side of the ruined house and go through the screen when it's up. Eventually, the player can see a ruined house in front of the player. Go into it and wipe out the troop or two that are in it. At the end of the house, turn right and there will be an opening. Go through it and the player sees the back of the HQ. Take out the troops near the fence, then run up to it and jump over it. When the player gets to the yard, get behind the HQ and look to the right. There will be an doorway. Toss a grenade inside, then go in when it blows up. Find the way to the main room, tossing grenades if the player spot anything and checking corners. When the player gets in the main room, stay away from the staircase on the right and toss a grenade to wipe out anybody inside. Now, turn right and look up the staircase. There might be a legion of troops coming down, mow down as many as you can, then run outside to heal up. If not toss a grenade to the second floor. When the grenade explodes, go up and finish off anybody that's left. there might be a troop hiding on the other side of the end of the staircase, so be careful.

When the HQ is cleared, the game will automatically exit the level.


File:Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough Part 19 - The Tiger - British Campaign

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  • In the beginning of the level, if you type "give all" in console (with cheats on) and switch to the Panzerschreck, if you fire at the enemy Tiger Tank, it will not be destroyed.
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