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The Vault is a retirement complex where a veteran SOG operative named Frank Woods lives as of year 2025.


In 2025, Woods is visited by an old face from the past, Raul Menendez, giving him a golden pendant. After Menendez leaves The Vault, it is raided by two Navy SEALs, Lieutenant Commander David "Section" Mason and his best partner Mike Harper, along with a large Secret Service tactical unit and two VTOLs, in the cutscene of the first mission. Woods delivers to David the golden pendant.

Several cutscenes from The Vault contain the footage David and Harper took of Woods talking about the history of Raul Menendez, as they gather intelligence in an effort to find Menendez and put an end to his terrorism for good.

In the mission Suffer With Me, David returns to the Vault, where Woods tell him about the day David lost his father Alex Mason.


Depending on the player's actions, Woods may reunite with what he thought to be his dead friend, Alex Mason and his son David, or end up being murdered by Menendez in his room, using the golden pendant.



  • The Vault, particularly Frank Woods' room, looked much different in the Reveal and Villain Trailers, looking more like a normal house, rather than a retired veteran's home.
  • Woods' room has many paintings of David Mason from the period David was a child.
  • Woods seems to dislike his nurse, since he says "Nurse Batshit, where's my smokes?!" in one of the endings.
  • In Woods' room there is a symbol of the Navy SEALs from Modern Warfare 2.
  • There is a possibility that the Vault is located somewhere either in Washington, D.C. or near there.
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