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The Vet & The n00b
The Vet and the n00b
Publisher(s) Activision
Genre(s) Live action trailer

The Vet & The n00b is a live action trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, featuring Sam Worthington as The Vet, Jonah Hill as The n00b and Dwight Howard as himself. The background music is "Shoot to Thrill" by AC/DC. It includes levels from the Campaign such as "Black Tuesday", "Scorched Earth", "Turbulence", and "Bag and Drag" and weapons such as the M4A1, ACR 6.8, Akimbo Skorpions, RPG-7Barrett .50cal, M16A4, and the M1911.


  • On November 9, 2011, Jay Leno aired a modified version of "The Vet & The n00b" on "The Tonight Show," substituting his face in for that of Jonah Hill's "n00b", and the video being mirrored for legal reasons. The video can be viewed here.