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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For a similar piece of equipment, see Thermal Vision Goggles.
"Go to thermals!"
Merrick in "End of the Line"

Thermal Goggles are a piece of equipment featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. They are used in the level "End of the Line". The goggles will highlight enemies in red, while most of the surrounding area will be in purple/magenta. Eventually, the Ghosts' thermal goggles are fried by Flashbangs.

A similar version of the Thermal Goggles appear in multiplayer with the Predator Field Order. They function almost identically to the campaign version, albeit that most of the area will be blue. Enemies will still be highlighted in red, however.



  • In the level "Severed Ties", the M1A2 Abrams tank Badger-Two has thermal capabilities. However, the color scheme is more gray than the ones used in "End of the Line" or with the Predator.
  • In the level "End of the Line", the goggles are not permanently disabled by the Flashbangs, as they can be equipped afterwards and they work normally.