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"Investigate rumors of a Project Nova resurrection."
— In-game description

Three Point Landing is the fifth Operation in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified. It involves Frank Woods to find and eliminate a man suspected of reviving Project Nova.



"A small team led by Frank Woods was dispatched behind enemy lines to ensure Project Nova went buried."
— Opening cutscene

The mission begins with a helicopter crashing a few feet in front of Frank Woods. At this point, a Carbine can be picked up for a better ranged weapon. Clear all of the enemies until you arrive at the first building. The second section of this building has heavy resistance, so caution should be taken before entering. After clearing this room, the player will be required to pick up intel on a "ICBM Facility". A door will be kicked in, giving Woods an exit route from this room. After advancing, an outside area will be encountered. Enemies will be in a tower, so they should be taken out as quickly as possible. After clearing out one more hallway and an open area of enemies, a door must be breached. Inside of this room is Schlussel, the target of the mission. After executing him and leaving the room, the mission will end.


Starting LoadoutEdit

Found in MissionEdit


Bang-up Job (Silver Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill 15 enemies with RPG in ‘Three Point Landing’ Operation.


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