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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

A transmission appears with Jonathan Irons speaking on his behalf of the attacks on San Francisco.

Irons: The world is asking one question. Why did I attack the United States? The United States has had the world in a constant state of war for over a hundred years. Time and again we have seen the catastrophic results of this belligerent, militaristic policy. These wars haven't led to resolution, or peace. These wars have only led to more wars. The United States has set the agenda because they wielded the biggest stick. Well no more. This is not the beginning of a war, this is the end of all wars.

The screen fades to black. A jet flies through Iraq as Mitchell starts to narrate.

Mitchell: After San Francisco, the entire free world turned against Atlas. Irons entrenched himself at his headquarters in New Baghdad. All communications ceased - both sides knew what was coming.

Jets roll through a air force base as some are going in air. Mitchell continues to narrate.

Mitchell: Our mission was to fly with the 37th Airborne during the initial shock and awe campaign. From there we should break off and infiltrate the Atlas Command Center, taking out Irons.

During his narration, Cormack and Kingpin are walking under a jet. The camera goes to Cormack's face.

Mitchell: For Cormack, it was the end of a journey. He's been waiting five years for this day.

Mitchell's narration stops as Kingpin speaks to Cormack.

Kingpin: Last minute change of plan. You'll be flanking around the east and north covering Blue Team on their sortie over the target.

Cormack: Yes sir. Guess I've got the soft option.

After Cormack finishes his words, he and Kingpin walk to Mitchell and Gideon who stand at the side.

Kingpin: There are no soft options on the table. I just don't want all my assets in play at once. We're only going to have one shot of getting the bastard.

Cormack: That's all we'll need.

Kingpin: I know it. Just stay alive. You're our star witness when we drag his ass in front of the Hague.

Cormack: Looking forward to it.

Kingpin: Alright, good luck.

Kingpin walks away, Cormack turns to Mitchell and Gideon and shakes both of their hands. Mitchell and Gideon look at each other and nod as Mitchell starts to narrate.

Mitchell: There was nothing more to say. We all knew what had to be done.

Mitchell: This was the beginning of the end...for one of us.

The screen pans to Mitchell and cuts to black.

Flight Gameplay[]



JANUARY 8, 2061 – 1000 HRS




The mission starts with Gideon speaking as the screen is black.

Gideon: Kingpin, Sentinel 2-1 approaching APC Romeo Victor Nought at Angels 5.

Kingpin: Roger that. Maintain low level flight from there to New Baghdad. Kingpin out

Gideon: Sentinel Flight. Fence in. Engage anything that doesn't have a Sentinel beacon.

Gameplay begins (with Flight Controls appear, saying you can convert) with enemy tango's come in.

Gideon: 3 bandits ahead. 12 o'clock low.

Gideon: Time to start bumping heads.

The player (Mitchell) system lock on Atlas tango's with their fighter jet; the player shoots their missiles.

Gideon: One down.

If Mitchell takes out all the targets nearby:

Gideon: That's all of 'em.

Tracers come in

Gideon: Watch out for those tracers.

Gideon: Crossing ACP3.

Knox: More bandits coming over the ridge at 2 o'clock!

Gideon: Tap 'em.

Knox: I got this one.

If Mitchell crashes into the environment and survives:

Gideon: Mitchell, watch your wings.

More fighters attack on each side as the three operatives shoot their way.

Gideon: Target down!


Knox: Target destroyed.

Antiaircraft comes in.

Knox: Flak ahead!

Gideon: Stay below it or use your blower to power past.

No matter what (blower or staying below); Gideon says the same.

Gideon: Mitchell. Watch that Flak!

Knox: Phalanx drones ahead!

Knox: 4 birds merging in at 12 o'clock.

Gideon: Engage at will.

Mitchell engages at all targets.

Gideon: Passing ACP4, heading to ACP5.

A canyon with two crossways appears, the player has the choice.

Gideon: I'll take right canyon.

Knox: Taking the left. Got one.

Knox: Watch your six, Mitchell.

Rocks in either canyon start to crumble.

Knox: Rock fall ahead!

Gideon: Watch for debris! Mitchell, keep your head down.

If Mitchell tries to ascend above the canyon:

Gideon: Mitchell, stay in the canyon.

The player goes through.

Knox: Watch your head, Mitchell.

Afterward, the dam appears up ahead with tangos below.

Knox: Approaching hydroelectric dam.

Gideon: Look on for those hard points and hit 'em with your missiles.

Tangos appear in the hard point when targets are assigned.

Knox: Targets destroyed.


Gideon: Target down!

Gideon: Direct hit! Watch out for the debris.

Debris fall shortly. Gideon responds to Kingpin

Gideon: Bravo Zulu. Bandits closing in on your six, Mitchell.

Bandits shoot at the player.

Gideon: Watch your tail, Mitchell!

Kingpin: Roger Artemis 2-1, you are cleared to engage.

Knox: Got one.

Gideon: Target down!

Knox: Bridge out ahead!

Gideon: Heavy debris, evasive maneuvers!

Kingpin: Be advised, 2-1, Iris will be unable to assist with recon in your AO.

Gideon: Crossing ACP5

Knox: 12 o'clock, 4 bandits playing chicken. That one's mine.

Knox: Got one. They're coming back around! 6 o'clock high!

Gideon: Get in close and use your guns.

During the battle, debris fall as Gideon responds to Kingpin.

Gideon: Bravo Zulu.

Knox: 5 nautical miles to the rendezvous point.

Gideon: In my sights.

Gideon: Stay focused. We're almost through this.

Mitchell and the others make it out of the canyon and approach New Baghdad

Gideon: Command, this is Sentinel Zero-One, on final approach to New Baghdad.

Kingpin: Copy, Zero-One. Enemy air defense perimeter in 1.5 klicks.

Gideon: Commencing drop sequence.

Knox: Autopilot engaged.

Mitchell, Gideon and Knox prepare their pods for deployment. They are then deployed from their fighter jets

Gideon: Pod deployment successful. 1200 meters to target. Minimizing system power. Switching over to low detection.

Mitchell switches his pod visors to low detection and then activities the console. A hologram appears indicating the 'AR Mission Feed". The screen goes dark.

Kingpin: Copy, Zero-One. Your squad is off the radar.

Cutscene Feed[]

Pilot: Two-One, we're bearing Three One Five magnetic at cherubs four. Distance: two nautical miles from the target, over.

Knox: Connecting the heads up to the battlefield network.

Feed shows the Atlas Command Center.

Gideon: Our main target is Atlas command center...

Feed shows Jonathan Irons next to the Atlas Command Center.

Gideon: ...where Irons is directing the war effort from deep inside.

Feed shows an MD Turret.

Gideon: Multiple MD Turrets have been placed as air defenses around the city. We need to take them out in order to reach the command center.

Feed shows New Baghdad.

Knox: Distance to target, two hundred meters.

Gideon: Switch off heads up and prepare for touchdown.

Feed zooms in through New Baghdad, fading to black and ending the cutscene.


Mitchell & Sentinel Aircrafts are taking firing.

Gideon: Coming in hot!

Knox: Gonna be a rough landing!

Gideon: Reverse thrusters!

Mitchell, Gideon, and Knox reverse their thrusters, but they couldn't stop their aircrafts as they kept moving on the ground, forcing them to escape their aircrafts while it rolls away and be destroyed.

Sentinel Forces are taking heavy fire from Atlas Soldiers, as Mitchell pulls out his ASM1 with Hybrid Sight while Sentinel Warbirds come in to try and provide air support.

Gideon: Wild ride in. Let's meet up with Sergeant Davis.

Sentinel boost jump and grapple their way to Sgt. Davis & his team.

Ilona: We're trying to advance, but those MD Turrets are tearing up our air support.

Gideon: Copy all. We'll go high and see if we can get behind the enemy line.

Sentinel reach Sgt. Davis & his team and everyone engages. There are some weapons nearby to switch before heading in.

Ilona: There's the target building, dead ahead!

Gideon: Davis, we're advancing on the target building now.

Davis: Copy all. Sending two more squads your way.

Gideon: Command, Sentinel 2-1 Actual. We're rerouting to assist the 95th in breaking the enemy line.

Sentinel Forces fires at Atlas Forces ahead of them.

If Mitchell hasn't reach the target building yet:

Gideon: Go, go! Get to the target building!


Gideon: Keep pushing forward, we've got to take out those turrets!

Sentinel Forces move up, where Atlas Warbirds appear and attack them.

If Mitchell gets close, he can grapple into the Atlas Warbird and pull out one of the Atlas Soldiers, where Gideon tells Mitchell:

Gideon: Shoot the pilot!

Mitchell kills the remaining passenger and the pilots, the Warbird starts to crash land.

Knox: Get out of there Mitchell! It's going down!

Mitchell jumps out of the Warbird before it crashes.

Knox: Target building is just ahead!

Sentinel Forces reach the target building and above them, are three MD Turrets firing.

Gideon: Davis, we're in position at the target building. Moving to eliminate turrets.

Davis: Hard copy. We'll give you some suppressing fire.

While the turrets are still active:

Davis: 2-1, we're getting torn apart down here! We need those turrets neutralized!


Gideon: Move, move, we need those turrets down now!


Knox: Mitchell, get on point. We need those turrets down now!

If Mitchell gets too far from the mission:

Knox: Mitchell, where are you going? Target building is this way!

Mitchell gets to the first turret, breaks & pulls off the top hatch, grabs & pulls the Atlas Operative, and throws him off the roof.

Knox: Turret down!

Gideon: Good work, Mitchell. Let's hit the rest!

More Atlas Warbirds appear to stop Mitchell. Mitchell grapples or uses the MD Turret to dispatch the Warbirds.

Depending on which MD Turrets are taken care of, Knox says where the remaining turret or two are:

Knox: Eyes on it. 3rd floor of the target building! [or] I see it, southwest corner of the target building, 2nd floor. [or] I've got visuals, it's on the adjacent building, upper level! [or] We've got another active turret, southwest side. Let's hit it!

Mitchell either grapples and takes out the other Atlas Operatives from the turrets, uses the MD Turret to destroy the other two hostile turrets, or a mixture of both. Once all turrets are neutralized, Mitchell regroups with Sentinel Forces in front of the building.

When Mitchell gets close:

Sentinel Operative: We need support from street level. We're getting shredded by AST units. They're coming from all directions!

More Atlas Warbirds appear to drop off reinforcements to support the ASTs.

Knox: We've got multiple ASTs joining the Atlas ground forces.

Gideon: Aye, let's sort these bastards then get to Irons.

Mitchell heads down to all enemy AST units, and/or uses an MD Turret, and eliminates them, one by one.

While the AST units are still active:

Gideon: Clear out those ASTs. We need to push to Irons!


Ilona: Keep moving up and take care of those mechs!

When the hostiles nearby are cleared:

Gideon: Keep advancing to the Operations Center!

When more hostiles nearby are cleared:

Davis: We've got them on the run. DOC is in sight.

Once all enemy ASTs are eliminated:

Ilona: Atlas Heavy Armor ahead!

Gideon: Grab cover, those tanks will tear us apart in the open!

Knox spots a weapons cache with two M7 Stingers.

Knox: Gideon, give me cover fire, weapons cache dead ahead!

Gideon: Mitchell, you're with Knox. Grab those stingers while we cover you. Go, go, go!

Ilona: Mitchell, I'm covering you, grab that stinger!

If Mitchell hasn't reached the stingers yet:

Gideon: Mitchell, grab a stinger before those tanks overrun us!


Ilona: Mitchell, I'm covering you, grab that stinger!

Mitchell grabs a Stinger.

Knox: Drone Swarm!

The Drone Swarm flies above Mitchell and Knox and remains suspended in mid-air.

Knox: What the hell are they doing!?

Suddenly the Drone Swarm explodes, Manticore is unleashed, infecting Knox.

Knox: God damn...he did it.....he fucking did it!

Ilona: What's happening?

Gideon: Knox is down! I need immediate MEDIVAC on my location!

Knox: No... it's Manticore. We've got to pull back, get everyone OUT!

Knox dies.

Ilona: Why aren't we affected?

Gideon: Irons engineered it to be harmless to his own troops. The three of us must have been inoculated.

An AST fires and kills an infected Sentinel Operative, before firing at Gideon, Ilona, and Mitchell.

Gideon: Return fire!

The AST successfully knocks them out. Irons is heard speaking in a transmission.

Irons: Citizens of New Baghdad, hold strong. Victory is within our grasp. Look around you, and you will see our enemies fall one by one.

Mitchell opens his eyes to see his companions being dragged away, while an Atlas Soldier executes another infected Sentinel Operative.

Irons: Each and every one of you can be agents of change. Yes, we will suffer losses. We will suffer setbacks. But, make no mistake, we will win. The security that you desire, the security that you deserve, is within our grasp.

Mitchell sees an Atlas Soldier opening the back of the truck.

Irons: But, it can only be claimed if you are willing to fight for it.

The Atlas Soldier grabs Mitchell as the screen cuts to black, with the message "Objective Failed" appearing on the top left.

Irons: Fight for it.

The mission ends.