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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"You must convince your deaf friends to heat up the obelisk! Setting a puny fire will not be enough. It must reach an extreme temperature. Now, if only you knew how to build a portable engine of some sort which might grow very hot. Hmm, some sort of jet engine with an afterburner? Oh what, you do? Oh, goody goody!"
— Edward Richtofen, speaking of the Jet Gun

The Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23, also called the Jet Gun, is a buildable Wonder Weapon that first appears in the Zombies exploration mode TranZit. It is made out of a jet turbine, spool of wire, a gauge and a motorcycle handbrake and can be built on a workbench within the Town. The Jet gun does not take a weapon slot, but does take the place of a buildable. The Jet Gun works by sucking zombies towards it and then gibbing them in its rotors, and it can even kill zombies located behind the player.

The Jet Gun, however, can be broken, unlike other Wonder Weapons. The left dial on the Jet Gun determines when it will break: When the pointer reaches the complete other side in the red section, the weapon will break. However, when the Jet Gun is held out and not fired, the pointer will slowly move back towards the left, allowing it to be used more.

Once the weapon breaks, the player using it will receive a minimal amount of damage from the resulting explosion, and the parts will be scattered around the player; if any part falls into the lava, it will disappear and return to its original place. If any part is ran over by the bus, it will disappear completely and will not return to the place it was originally found. These factors make the Thrustodyne extremely undesirable as a buildable weapon, let alone a Wonder Weapon.

The Jet Gun is a required item to complete the Tower of Babble Easter Egg in favor of Richtofen, requiring the player to explode the Jet Gun within the the territory of the Polarization Device.

Parts locations

  • Jet Engine: found in the Tunnel.
    1. Near the first window on the left.
    2. Beside a car near the railing of the Colt M16A1.
    3. Between the first window on the right and Colt M16A1.
    4. Between the cars to the left as you enter the encampment.
  • Wires: found in the same room as Tombstone Soda, only after the power comes on and Maxis finishes talking, the wires are almost on the same places as the parts of the Portable Electric Barrier can be found.
    1. On the lower floor near the collapsed cat walk on the electric box.
    2. On the lower floor near the collapsed bridge on the ground.
    3. Near the Tombstone Soda.
    4. On the lower floor in the small room with the window on a barrel.
  • Handbrake: found in Nacht der Untoten located in the corn field.
    1. Near the lamp.
    2. In one of the cabinets.
    3. On the stairway, on the right side behind the desk.
  • Pressure Gauge: found in the Hunter's Cabin.
    1. Near the fireplace.
    2. On the bed near the back door.


  • The Jet Gun counts as equipment and not as a regular weapon. Due to this it cannot be Pack-A-Punched and does not yield points to the player using it, similarly to the Zombie Shield
  • The player can use the Jet Gun in midair to hover above the ground for a limited amount of time.
  • The Jet Gun can pull nearby powerups towards the user.[citation needed]
  • Before an unspecified patch, when built and ready to be taken, the pick-up text read "Awww Yeah! Press <action button> to take Jet Gun!". After patched, it simply says "Hold <action button> for Jet Gun", along with a HUD icon for the Jet Gun.
  • If the player holds out the Jet Gun before teleporting, the weapon will display in percentage how close it is to reaching capacity and breaking. If the player swaps the gun it will no longer show the percentage.
  • If a player holds a Claymore and switches to the Jet Gun, they will take the gun out faster, without cocking it.
  • In third person view, blood splatters out from the back end of the Jet Gun whenever it is fired.